DISGUSTING Analogy! SBC Speaker Kevin Smith Accuses Southern Baptists of Anti-Obama Racism at SBC 22 +Uses THIS Crude Expression

During 9Mark’s ‘The State of the SBC‘ assessment on the first day of the SBC General Convention, Kevin Smith, former Executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware and current teaching pastor at Family Church in Palm Beach spoke to Southern Baptists and accused some of them of “losing their minds” after a black man was elected president in 2012, on account of their racism, and further accused many Southern Baptists of bending over and presenting their proverbial behinds to “whore” themselves out over supporting and voting for Trump.

SEBTS hosted the event, and panelists include Mark Dever, Danny Akin, Aron Menikoff, Jonathan Leeman, along with surprise panelist Matt Chandler. Neither Kevin Smith nor Matt Chandler were listed as speakers in the promo material.

According to sources who were present:

Kevin Smith, who was not on the panel, randomly walked up to the stage while another panelist was still talking and whispered something in Dever’s ear, and then Smith sat on the edge of the stage until the panelist was done talking. Once finished, Dever gave the mic to Smith so Smith could offer his answer to whatever the question was. It just seemed really strange and awkward because apparently, he inserted himself into a panel that he was not a part of, and then asked a question at the end of the panel in the audience mic too.

Smith took the mic and responded to a previous question Leeman asked the panel about how they feel about the state of the SBC from 10 years ago to now:

I’d love to know what some white brothers think about this. White (unintelligible). You mentioned ten years as a window and I’m less hopeful ten years later. I think some Southern Baptists lost their minds when a black man was elected president. Not all, but some.

I think some Southern Baptists were unloving to black people beginning in 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin. I don’t mean agree about politics or policy…I just mean giving a darn that somebody else is hurting who is supposed to be your brother or sister in Christ.

And I think some Southern Baptists just bent over and became political whores with this whole Trump stuff. And if black innerrantists like Ralph West (Pastor of Houston’s The Church Without Walls who announced he left the SBC) feels alienated and black innerrantists like John Onwuchekwa (Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta who left the SBC) feels alienated and black innerrantists like Charlie Dates (Left the SBC) feels alienated, I just wonder if white brothers think this has been kind of crazy- black/white stuff going on, Asian, Hispanic. Just people who aren’t white feeling like they’re tolerated but not really embraced.

I’m not talking about me. I’ve been here thirty years so I got true friendships, but people in their twenties haven’t been here thirty years. So I just wanted to (unintelligible) what white brothers think the race thing is in the SBC?”

This is similar to what he said in 2020 at an EC meeting, only far coarser and with further provocations

I just feel like maybe the last 8 to 10 years, the insensitivity and the indifference concerning the supposed pain- pain of brothers and sisters has not been a good testimony for Christianity. When a sister is bruised about issues of sexual assault or something, other brothers in Christ can’t be indifferent or insensitive towards that. When a black man is incensed or wounded about racial injustice in the United States, or excessive force used by police, because someone is black, we can’t be indifferent to that if we say we are the family and the household of God.

Not one panelist rebuked him for his insults and incendiary statements. No one corrected him for suggesting that the “some” weren’t regulated to a handful of isolated yokel hillfolk, but rather make up a large and significant minority. He had no proof that the SBC is filled with this rampant, overt racism that rears its ugly head because of a black man getting in power, and not because Obama is a Democrat with awful policies. In a mark of true leadership, all stayed quiet and let that linger for the rest of the panel.

As far as becoming political whores and bending over so the bad orange man could impregnate us with racial ideologies, this is not the winsomeness that he was insisting we emulate during his later conference talk that he gave in front of the whole convention, making him quite the hypocrite.

Bonus. During a Baptist 21 panel with other SBC Elites, Smith arrogantly suggested that accusations of the liberalization of the SBC is coming from a few pastors from small, insignificant churches, and that they ought to be roundly ignored.

I think it’s disingenuous or historically ignorant to accuse the southern Baptist convention of liberalism… I think it’s either historically inaccurate or just disingenuous to even lift that claim… I just think it’s a disingenuous charge, and I think the leaders of our entities, the pastors of our congregations, and certainly the faculty of our seminaries reflect biblical orthodoxy, they reflect biblical commitment to the Baptist Faith and Message and I’m most irritated because half the time that change comes from people who are not Southern Baptist and I wish Southern Baptists would stop letting a few independent Baptists with 15 members who pastor their wife and their sister-in-law stop letting those kinds of people influence what we do.

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69 thoughts on “DISGUSTING Analogy! SBC Speaker Kevin Smith Accuses Southern Baptists of Anti-Obama Racism at SBC 22 +Uses THIS Crude Expression

  1. Yeah, well if the sandal fits…
    Sorry guys, but you’re just one more special interest group among many, scrambling for benefits at the expense of others rather than seeking the welfare of the whole. Your crass, obsessive political ambitions have utterly destroyed your credibility as a valid spiritual community, and until you can rescue your faith from your worst leaders, the corruption of your religious tradition by far right politics and political violence shames all those who participate in it. 

  2. The Pharisees got all worked up when their hypocrisy was pointed out to them too. I thought Baptists would recall when it was necessary for Paul to call Peter out for his error and be thankful the Lord provided a messenger to alert them to what they were becoming, but they worship an orange moron who has publicly stated that has no need for God’s forgiveness since he’s never done anything wrong. It’s out there, go and watch before going all magabilly on me for telling you the truth.

  3. Unless you did not explicitly call out Trump for his adultery, his perpetual lies, his crimes against humanity or even just his foul, filthy language and on top of it voted twice for him, you sure have to deal with it when a fellow pastor calls the lot of you harlots!
    You sold out yourself in furtherance of your goals to have SCOTUS judges.
    The similarities between ISIS or Al Quaeeda and American christians are frightening.
    As ISIS & Al Quaeeda, you think that your god’s laws stand above the constitution. You blieve that a woman has to submit to your bronze age mythology’s laws, even bear the child of her rapist, no matter how.
    Much more to say, but i am too sick & tired of writing it down, wasting hours to state the obvious.
    You lot are sure the harlots of Trump, a fascist swine, a adulterer & unapologetic deranged & perverted bigot who said he would like to date his daughter.
    Calling you harlots is in fact a understatement!

  4. I personally know a Gaggle of Southern Fascist KKKonvention deaKKKons who indeed lost their few remaining brain cells over the election of Barack Obama and started snapping up AR-15 children murdering “modern sporting rifles” like toilet paper in a pandemic they deny. This terrorist organization overflowing with MagiKKKal ThinKKKing fascist traitors went all in on their Fuehrer Messiah Chosen One of GID and lost what little credibility they may have had once and for all time, forever and ever, world without end, a-MEN.

  5. If you cannot see that Trump is the most disgusting, dishonest, corrupt, person ever to hold a significant office (in my life time) then you do not need to be leading anyone. YOU ARE THE PHARISEES OF TODAY.

    1. I am appalled at those who are unable or unwilling to see what God is doing in the earth during our lifetime. Covers are being pulled off exposing the corruption in the land of those who have been in power for decades. I believe when it’s all said and done people will express gratitude for the work of President Donald J. Trump. Without his tenure in the White house we would not have the level of exposure of Human trafficking, sex slavery, and the corruption around the world. Specifically, what’s being exposed in Ukraine with all the money laundering and bio-labs designed to destroy humanity. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Our job is when and if we believe in God’s word tells us in Galatians 6:1 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Throwing stones is exactly what the enemy wants, he wants us divided by race, class, religion, education and any other method possible.
      God will be exalted in the earth!

      1. David,
        You are drunk with madness, having drunk the Kool-Aid! You, and others like you are clearly being deceived and led by the anti-christ, and would have us ignore the sin, corruption, and lies which are in plain sight. It was refreshing to hear Kevin Smith speak truth, a rarity in Southern Baptist and Evangelical circles nowadays. He was much too kind in his assessment, I think that many of you are goners, having sold your souls [to the devil.]

      2. You’re not a Christian, you’re a death cultist and a perfect representative of the type of hypocrisy driving people away from the church in droves. GOOD JOB!

    2. These days, you can’t be a Christian and stump for either party without being a hypocrite on the order of the Pharisees, particularly since the republican party has officially embraced and endorsed abominable sin.

    1. So many of them are. They want to keep the cash flow pouring in just like Jeremiah Wright. Oh, wait. Wasn’t he along with Louis Farakan the person who just spoke lovingly of their fellow man. Oh, wait, the truth says otherwise.

      1. Nice attempted distraction, but your projection is world class, dear. Your ministers have called for death to their political opponents and to members of the LGBTQ communities. But to you, it seems loving one’s neighbor is anathema. Jesus wept.

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  7. I as a christian man do believe that many white pastors were horrified with the election of out First Black president who was the flocking to him lifting him up laying on of hands then making a show of it … but many did turn and offered themselves and their ministries up to deception and lies and a total reversal of the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ through their acceptance and following of Donald Trump one of the great deceivers and apostate of Truth Honesty Morality of out time and still though years of blatant incendiary lies design to manipulate and incite hatred division in him attempt to destroy this very democracy and divide it’s people so many pastors still gave they will and spirit over to his vile machinations and ever blasphemed with their declaring him the chosen one … if that isn’t whoring one’s self then what is the true sin are the thousands or millions by all … your actions have deceived … Lord help you … Luke 17:2

  8. Sometimes a harsh truth is accepted gracefully and taken into account in the future. other times people rebel against the idea that they could possibly have taken a wrong turn and just get more and more lost. your publication took the second option.

    The truth can set you free if you are willing to hear it.

  9. I think the truth hurts and the tone of this screed reflects that. I can’t speak for the SBC, but if you believe Obama’s election in 2008 wasn’t a YUGE trigger for many whites in the south, and elsewhere, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    1. As someone who has lived their entire life in the south you are lying. So many of you are here when you wouldn’t not have been before so the demons in you drive you towards your hate. I grew up with black on white hatred so DON’T YOU BEGIN TO TELL ME SO OTHER PC CRAP.

      1. Oh sweetie, you are embarrassing yourself. Living in the south doesn’t mean you are impervious to racism. In fact it is more likely you’ve been so indoctrinated in racism you have no idea how to recognize it. You grew up with black resentment of white oppression and interpreted that as persecution. Your view is so warped you can’t even recognize reality right before your face. You’re proving with every statement you lost whatever remained of your mind when a black man was elected POTUS.

        Oh and PC is just a racist’s term for treating people they way you expect to be treated – something racists just can’t abide.

      2. LMAO. You’re FOS and you KNOW it. I was born, whelped and raised in the DEEP south where the White Trash Supremacist KKKhristianist Nationalist Fascist Traitor sKKKum of the Southern Fascist KKKonvention holds KKKourt every day. And you KNOW it. Don’t thump a BuyBull at anyone else for the rest of your life. They may take it from you and do what comes natural to MagiKKKal ThinKKKing aKKKolytes.

      3. LMAO. You’re FOS and you KNOW it. I was born, whelped and raised in the DEEP south where the White Southern Fascist KKKonvention holds KKKourt every day. And you KNOW it. Don’t thump a BuyBull at anyone else for the rest of your life. They may take it from you and do what comes natural to MagiKKKal ThinKKKing aKKKolytes.

  10. No doubt there will always be racially triggered people but assuming and assigning racial hate to those who opposed Obama on political grounds (most, high majority just as they oppose Biden, now) is inflammatory recklessness and a guilt greater than the one falsely assigned. Black people are trophies to leftists, objects to be used for virtue signaling.

    1. Racial hate is not assigned by the left – it is perpetrated by the right wing christo-fascists who long ago abandoned the word of Jesus in persuit of wealth and power.

  11. Neither party is worth defending, but we have an epidemic of bearing false witness, which should rightfully be addressed. God’s Word requires accusations to be substantiated. And racism is a serious accusation. The charge is that certain unnamed individuals behaved differently toward the two presidents because of melanin content of their skin.

    Who are they, and what are their names?
    What policies, actions, or words of Obama would they have otherwise supported had he not been black?
    What policies, actions, or words of Trump would they have otherwise supported had he not been white?
    Who indifferently treated the death of blacks any differently than the death of whites, at the hands of the police, or otherwise?

    If any, of any skin color, have shown partiality based on skin color, then the Bible says that is a sin, and they should be disciplined accordingly. But unless the accusations are specifically substantiated, there is nothing that could or should be done.

    1. 1. The entire Fascist Party (aka, the former Republican Party).
      2. The J6 Committee exposing fascist treason.

      Ask me another stupid question.

      1. Let’s not detract from the important issue of racism, which in Biblical terms is showing partiality based on the color of one’s skin. If you’re old enough to vote, then you’re old enough to know that the problem of racism doesn’t just magically disappear whenever your “side” wins an election. Politics cannot fix wicked hearts. Only God can do that.

        The charge in this case is racism (that Obama and Trump were treated differently because of the color of their skin), the scope of the charge is SBC pastors, there are no pastors named “Fascist Party”, and even if the charge of treason concerning everyone who ever voted republican were true, treason does not equal racism.

        I will gladly ask you more questions when you specifically and adequately answer the first four.

        1. The answers you seek require detailed and in some cases private information that I refuse to divulge. However, I think I can work with that and provide factual citations. Gimme a minute.

          Meanwhile, I have asked you a few questions that require simple, easy to understand Yes or No answers. It shouldn’t take long to do that while I work on the answers you ask here.

      2. Or here are the questions in simpler form:

        Which specific pastors are guilty of showing partiality based on skin color?
        How did they show partiality based on skin color?

        I’ll remind you that the context here is God’s standards according to His Word, which says that those who falsely accuse another are under His judgement, and should receive the same punishment they intended for the one(s) they falsely accused (Duet. 19:18-19). And there are no exceptions. The goal of winning elections for your “side” is most certainly not an excuse.

  12. This Mr. Smith was wrong…

    He was FAR too generous to what the Southern Baptists have done to themselves and their faith.

  13. I swear all the nut jobs turned out for this one. Just goes to show that those under the hoods have a different skin color now.

  14. In large numbers, Southern Baptists literally abandoned their values of opposition to bigamy, theft, slander, and blasphemy in rallying behind someone who championed all four of these sins. Sell something that is sacred to your sense of self (e.g. integrity, virtue) for an ignoble cause is the very definition of a whore. Everything about the Southern Baptist enthusiasm for Donald Trump is meretricious.

    1. Stop using big words. The Southern Fascist KKKonventioneers have no idea what you’re talking about. /s

  15. I agree wholeheartedly! Baptists/Evangelicals today are the Pharisees of yesterday. It is heretical that they willingly support Donald Trump who single-handedly caused division in an entire nation of people. Without question they reveled in Trump’s unChristian reign of cruelty, knowing full well he was not a fair, just or righteous man. Nor could his pernicious and spiteful revenge EVER provide a healthy remedy of inclusion for all so that Christianity could flourish. Nevertheless, Baptists fell for him hook, line and sinker, literally giddy over the prospect of any attack he used against fellow Americans and Christians who did not the fully embrace Trump or his QAnon cult.
    To this day, Baptists continue to monopolize God for their heretical and godless interpretation of the Bible while using Jesus to make themselves feel powerful and profound. Indeed, Baptists are FAKE Christians of the HIGHEST ORDER. But they love calling themselves Christians while literally teaching their flocks to HATE and LIE about their fellow Americans who dare to love others as Jesus instructed. Let it be known that the majority of Baptists are the antithesis of EVERYTHING Jesus taught us. Like the idol they worship, they are corruption personified with unconditional love for two things ONLY: Trump and WMD that they continue to hoard while literally advocating for teenagers to purchase machine guns and mass murder children at their schools.
    And yet again, Baptists DARE call themselves pro lifers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because these same Baptists, these same FAKE CHRISTIANS are incapable of loving their neighbors as Jesus commanded. He told us to love refugees and immigrants, to offer them food, shelter and clothing. While Baptists DARE TO DISOBEY Christ to this very day. Instead, they spread hatred throughout our nation, condemning ANYONE showing compassion to immigrants/refugees or kindness to the poor, less fortunate amongst us. They can’t even muster support to our patriotic American soldiers that were wounded in wars, fighting for our nation. They literally make fun of wounded vets for using wheelchairs or wearing eyepatches.
    Let it be said that every word the MAJORITY of Baptists spew today is heresy! They are the deceivers of God and the flocks of Satan, projecting the crimes they’ve already committed onto others. Time and time again, they have exposed their mendacities and contempt for the rule of law, truth, justice, compassion, morality and simple human decency. They think it perfectly fine to lie, cheat and steal national and state elections by terrorizing America and Americans so they can be sure to expose their contempt for us each and everyday.
    Then once again, they DARE call themselves the victims by threatening violence and persecution against anyone that disagrees with their love for Trump and his “Prosperity Gospels.” It is impossible to distinguish the brutality of their beliefs from those of violent criminals and mass murderers. They are constantly sipping the devil’s brew of QAnon style politics and Trump’s bombastic bullying, INTENTIONALLY defaming and terrorizing their fellow Americans with their AR15s, demanding that we follow the devil they love and worship like the golden idol that they literally made in Trump’s likeness.
    Baptists today are the antithesis of the free and brave as they flout their hatred for democracy, the US Constitution and worst of all, Jesus Christ. Because Baptists are FAKE CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITES. The very definition of pernicious domestic terrorists and the destroyers of Christianity. Mark my words Satan worshippers, y’all are gonna burn in hell for eternity for committing your endless crimes against humanity. — The VERY PEOPLE God told Y’ALL TO LOVE. Yet again, and again and again YOU’VE FAILED MISERABLY. To paraphrase Clinton “It’s the hypocrisy stupid.” YOU ARE the Pharisees and YOU ARE THE EVIL.

    1. Baptists are not perfect by any stretch, but it’s ludicrous to accuse them of not being charitable. The SBC, affiliated organizations and churches, are quite possibly the most charitable group of people on this planet, routinely founding, funding, and staffing hospitals, schools, and all sorts of charities all around the world. Samaritan’s Purse alone probably does more than all secular organizations combined, and routinely has resources and boots on the ground to help those in need long before the governments of the world have barely rolled themselves out of bed.

      That would be the same Samaritan’s Purse, btw, against which the Obama administration weaponized the IRS in response to Billy Graham correctly reiterating the fact that God’s Word says that homosexuality is an abominable sin, and that marriage is, as Jesus said, between one man and one woman (Matt. 19:4-6).

      Nobody has a problem with helping legitimate refugees and/or legal immigrants. But they need to come in legally through the front door. The border is a disaster zone. There is human trafficking (especially children), rape, murder, rampant drugs, violence, gangs, cartels, etc., which securing the border would significantly help address. No Christian should turn a blind eye to that evil.

      Organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse are in Europe helping Ukrainian refugees, and other refugees around the world, right now, this very moment. They’re in places around the world you’ve never even heard of, meeting needs you have no conception of, taking care of people of all colors of skin, many of which you probably didn’t even know existed. But if you barge your way in to the front of the line and lie to them claiming you’re a refugee or in need when you’re not, or engage in similar deceit, security is probably going to ask you to to step aside – so they can apply the limited time and resources available to help those who actually are in need.

      I could go on addressing unfounded false accusations, but I’ll stop there. I don’t have time to address them all.

      1. One more thing I’m compelled to note, Leslie, is that if you are going to appeal to God’s Word, then you need to apply His definition of love. The Bible tells you what love is and isn’t. It tells you what love does and doesn’t do. You can’t supplant God’s definition of love with that of the world, yet still appeal to His word in other things. He defines love. If He uses the word, then He’s talking about His definition of it.

        Jesus first and foremost commandment is to love the Lord thy God (Matt. 22:37-38). And if you love Him, you will keep His commandments (John 14:15,21; 1 John 5:1-4). Out of that comes the second greatest commandment, which is love thy neighbor (Matt. 22:39). And the two are inseparable. Both commandments together summarize all the law and the prophets (Matt. 22:40). In other words, without fulfilling the first, you cannot fulfill the second. It’s God’s definition of love that applies. Not the world’s definition. You can’t fulfill that second greatest commandment if you’re not honoring the first one enough to even know what it actually means to love thy neighbor, by respecting God’s definition of the word. If He tells you to do or not do something, then, it is out of love – His commandments are not grievous(1 John 5:3). So we must love our neighbor within the limits of God’s standards, as He defines what that actually means. That which exists outside of God’s standards is not love, because He is love. At times that may mean that we leave a prodigal to wallow in the pig sty. It might mean “from such turn away” (2 Tim. 3:5). And it most definitely means that we cannot condone, endorse, or support sin (1 Cor. 13:6), because to despise and disobey God’s commandments is to not love Him, and without that we cannot truly love our neighbor – If you don’t care about someone’s eternal fate, then you don’t really care about them at all. And many are headed for eternal damnation (1 Cor. 6:9-11). To warn them of that, and to refuse to encourage or support them on their sinful path toward damnation, but to call them to repentance instead, is not hate. It is love.

      2. Do you

        (A) deny the legitimacy of President Biden’s election victory over Donald J Trump?
        (B) believe that Democrats are baby-eating pedophiles who consume adenochrome?
        (C) deny evolution of humans from a common ancestor of primates?
        (D) believe that Donald J Trump was sent by God as a modern day King Cyrus?
        (E) believe that the Bible is the LITERAL, INERRANT Word of God written by divinely inspired men ?
        (F) that female Homo sapiens women born with XX chromosomes must submit matters to their male Homo sapiens mates with XY chromosomes as The Church submits to Christ?
        (G) believe that the United States was founded on the sole religion of Christianity?

        1. The Bible is the inerrant Word Of God, which should be taken literally, except when (and only except when) it indicates that a passage is not to be taken literally.

          That answers all relevant questions, and already puts me at odds with both parties, and both Obama and Trump.

          1. The part in parentheses “(and only except when)” could be confusing, was not written well, and could possibly be construed to mean something other than intended. There are rules for how to interpret scripture, which are drawn from scripture itself. In relation to the question at hand, anytime a passage should not be taken literally, the Bible itself will tell you. From that perspective, you could say the entire Bible is literal, but for those reading who may not understand, it must be clarified what that means.

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