Video and Transcript of Jennifer Bucks’ Statement to Akin and SEBTS Trustees About KSP and Their Abject Failure

In light of Karen Swallow Prior admitting publicly that she did not tell Tom and Jennifer about the plot against them because she felt tom was a bully and was behaving abusively, and therefore was ‘afraid’ of him, we decided to transcribe Jennifer’s statement to SEBTS trustees and President Danny Akin, outlying the hurt this whole affair has caused them and castigating them for the failure of their institution and people to protect them and do the right thing. Emphasis added by us.

“So I would like to take a moment to address those present here today by saying that this is not about the comfort level of Karen Prior or Keith Whitfield, or anyone else who has not willingly come forward with the information they have regarding the wicked and sinful distribution of my private information. That’s information that included the sexual abuse that happened to me prior to ever meeting Tom.

The action and inactions of these people have led to me being outed in an arena I was not ready to step into. I have had to endure the flashbacks of things I had laid to rest years ago and now once again permeate my thinking. I had to sit with my 90-year-old mother who, because of things that were raised lay to rest so long ago there was no need for ongoing conversation, she had forgotten.

It was as if she was hearing it for the very first time. She cried that she had not protected me, afraid that others will assume it was my dad and taint his memory and his ministry. Her generation has not yet caught up to the fact that society now understands these actions are most often committed by those outside of the family.

I have not screamed through this. I have not lashed out. And I have been patient for the process to unfold. Not only have I had to once again go through the process of laying down my memories I have watched other people who have caused my affliction get to bemoan the uncomfortableness they have had to endure due to their own participation at various levels. This assessment is not limited to one person, but to the several people we know have information that they continue to conceal.

Karen has stated she has determined Tom to be an ongoing abusive person, and because of that she sees and receives anything he says or does as threatening her. I can confidently say Tom and Karen have had ongoing conversations and they have been pleasant and bantering in nature. But no one is correcting her or calling her to put aside her personal feelings and deal with the issues at hand.

I feel I’ve been used as a weapon against my husband, and further abused by my personal information being leaked because others determined smearing him was of more importance than protecting me or the witness of our great testimony. When we have sought answers, instead of getting honesty and truth, we have been repeatedly met with dishonesty and lies. But I am still here, willing to face those who I believe have promoted this painful process.

I am very unhappy with the summary of the last meeting, and because of that I have no confidence any truth will be discovered today. Not because truth is not known, but because I think we’ve reached a level that people are willing to lie to protect themselves. They have evidenced very little concern for truth are the people they squash in the process of taking out who they deem as a threat to their own agenda.

The very fact that someone or a group of people would take my story, which is a redemption story to highlight and reflect the great glory and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and twist it in an attempt to quiet and destroy Tom’s ministry and character, is evidence enough of the callous, deceitful and sinful nature of the people we are dealing with.

I have had to sit by and watch as time has been maligned, I have been made fun of, and the intention and purpose of my article has been twisted by an intentional hit piece, and not one acting leader has publicly spoken in our defense.

We have been hung out to dry by the very people who have the power to change the conversation and the dynamic of the game, but instead, we have gotten silence and one of the only two known players from Southeastern to appear in this call cries ‘trauma’ and is excused from the discussion.

I am deeply hurt. I am deeply angry. I am deeply disillusioned with this process. I don’t want to hear any sentiments about my pain. I want to see evidence that somebody is willing to actually do something more than lip service.

Dr. Aiken, I do believe you want to see this rectified. You are the only person who was willing to listen to me when I cried out for help on April 2. However, you knew the nature of the information I wanted concealed, and you allowed yourself to be satisfied with a word-of-mouth guarantee, without any of the information you asked for being given to you.

You clearly trusted someone who has been proven to be untrustworthy. Keith lied to you for 15 days. He did not come forward until more information was supposed to surface publicly. And that cover-up was not revealed to us for another 15 days. I desire to see a determination from you and the rest of these men here today, to be willing to do the hard things to reveal all the players in this plot designed (and) devised to destroy Tom and in the process outed my private, personal information.

The appeal is for things to be dealt with privately and quietly, but no information was revealed to us until we went public. Private dealings have become the means by which to excuse and do nothing. I believe we have been mistreated as fellow believers in Christ. I believe I’ve been mistreated as a survivor by the leaders of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I believe the testimony of Christ has been damaged and this entire situation has been mishandled in egregious ways”

Editor’s Note. Transcript provided by use, and so may be inexact.

4 thoughts on “Video and Transcript of Jennifer Bucks’ Statement to Akin and SEBTS Trustees About KSP and Their Abject Failure

  1. People need to realize that every single SBC institution and the SBC are gone. There is no going back. This entire situation is a microcosm of the evil that has now fully taken it over. I’m honestly shocked that Voddie Baucham received as many votes as he did. If he can’t get elected in a landslide, then the SBC is gone.

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  2. Men bully by getting physical. The female version of bullying is by verbal character assassination. Her claims of him being a bully fall flat when she is guilty of exactly the same sin.

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