“Pridepost” Solutions? SBC Sex Abuse Task Force Materially Violates 2021 Motion that Created It

At the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting, the messengers passed a motion empaneling a Sex Abuse Task Force (SATF) to investigate the Executive Committee (EC) of the Southern Baptist Convention to determine whether EC members had committed abuse, mishandled allegations of abuse, or mistreated abuse victims between January 2000 and June 2021. The recently released report from Guidepost Solutions (the LGBTQ-affirming, non-Christian, and woke firm hired by the task force to conduct the investigation) demonstrated no pattern of abuse nor any behavior indicating a coverup of abuse mishandling within the SBC.

Yet the report did demonstrate malfeasance from the task force itself.

According to the 2021 motion, the task force was required to provide (emphasis ours), “a written report on the factual findings of this review” that “shall be presented to the task force 30 days prior to the SBC Annual meeting in 2022, and made public in full form within one week of the Task Force’s receipt of the report along with suggestions from the task force for actions to be taken by our convention.

Yet the full Guidepost Solutions report contains numerous references and citations to information with links that are within Guidepost’s Sharepoint server and unavailable to the inspecting public. Interested parties reportedly may contact the SATF for the information behind these non-functional links, but the 2021 motion requires the report to be made available in “full form” (that is, with all cited evidence available for inspection), not requiring additional requests from SBC church members, media, or discernment websites like this one in order to access the relevant information.

It has become evident that the SATF and the abuse grifters that demanded its creation have failed miserably. Rather than turning up any evidence of systematic bad behavior (instead revealing that the EC members were largely and appropriately not involved in abuse allegations towards independent churches), they instead wasted millions of dollars of SBC church giving to collect mostly publicly-available information.

Even the “bombshell” revelation of pastor Johnny Hunt’s promiscuous behavior with another pastor’s wife was not definitively demonstrated to be a case of sex abuse – made all the more suspicious with the revelation that the woman’s husband was apparently willing to let Hunt off the hook after a conversation about their respective “ministries.”

The 2022 messengers must be made aware of the abysmal failure and waste of the SATF, the fact that it has failed to fulfill the requirements of the 2021 motion, and that the hired third-party firm (that supported the immoral demand for EC members to waive attorney-client privilege) is a pro-gay, anti-Baptist organization that has no business investigating churches or offering recommendations to the people of God.

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