TGC Author Says that the USA is too ‘Exhausted’ to Handle Overturning Roe v. Wade + Deletes Tweet

The Gospel Coalition author Duke Kwon, the woke-as-a-joke lead pastor of Grace Meridian Hill church, posted and then deleted a tweet after pushback, claiming that the nation is too fractured and exhausted to handle overturning Roe v Wade right now.

It’s not an out-of-character take for the PCA pastor. He’s the same guy who employs a gay rights activist as his personal pastoral assistant at his Church.

Last year he compared Zacchaeus’ robbery and reconciliation in Luke 19 to black folk getting reparations in the 21st century, describing how Christians must “introduce the language of repair (reparations) in all of our conversations about race.”

Kwon has even written a book on why white people (and Asians and Hispanics) must give people a whack ton of money in order to be properly reconciled with their black neighbors, and in fact, that true reconciliation can never happen and race relations can never be healed without a sacrificial monetary compensation.

Rather than being overjoyed at the overturning of Roe v Wade and expressing some sort of happy, elated sentiment, Kwon tweeted out:

6 hours later, after receiving substantial feedback, he deleted the tweet and wrote:

It’s been nearly three days since then, and apparently he never found the time or energy, as he’s written other tweets, but has not said another word about this.

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