Antifascists Promise Direct Action, Violence at Pro-Abortion Protest Today

Antifa has announced plans to appear in Los Angeles’ Pan Pacific park this evening in order to violently protest for abortion rights, creating a flyer promoting the event and handing out instructions on how to avoid being identified by police.

Reminding potential participants “No face, no case” the flyer gives best practices for the raucous event, including the command that “If you see someone taking revolutionary actions into their own hands, do not film or peace police them.

In this case, ‘peace police’ means to intervene and try to get them to stop them from either vandalizing things or assaulting people.

Some of the events have already been violent, with Andy Ngo sharing a video were so enraged by a street preacher at a pro-abortion protest that they attacked one of their own.

Given that baby-killing is a sacrament to these people, we expect that this is only the beginning.

1 thought on “Antifascists Promise Direct Action, Violence at Pro-Abortion Protest Today

  1. “Tell your mother to shut the [@#$] up”

    That’s some heavy-duty irony right there.

    Here’s a better idea: go wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and thank her for not murdering you in the womb.

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