Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll Back Together for Christian Conference

On March 29, 2012, Mark Driscoll resigned as President of Acts 29 (and TGC) , the organization he founded. It was taken over by Matt Chandler, who, two years later, removed Driscoll and Mars Hill from membership, citing his “ungodly and disqualifying behavior.” and noting that “it is our conviction that the nature of the accusations against Mark, most of which have been confirmed by him, make it untenable and unhelpful to keep Mark and Mars Hill in our network.”

Months after that, Driscoll would resign from Mars Hill altogether and leave the church after refusing to submit to church discipline. He would later go on to start another church which is fast gaining megachurch status, but has also come under criticism after it was revealed that Driscoll has purposefully removed his elder board so that he has no accountability, and in turn has been acting abusively. You can See more about Driscoll Here:

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Now, the gang is back together again, with Driscoll speaking at a conference that Matt Chandler is headlining in May 11-13, 2022, called the Theos Conference. Hosted by Theos U with the theme of “Spirit and Truth” the conference advertises that there is “No wishy-washy woke BS (Bulls****) per usual” and that it contains “prime Grade-A theology buffet’

Other speakers include Eric Metaxas, who we last saw Sucker-Punching a Passing Antifa Protestor, Landon Macdonald, son of disgraced pastor James Macdonald, and Nathan Finochio, a former pastor at Hillsong NYC, as well as Samuel Sey and Allie Beth Stuckey.

While we were initially surprised to see Samuel Sey there, who we are big fans of, all indication is that he accepted the invitation to speak before he knew the entire speaker list, writing on Twitter.

And honestly, slow clap for that. Sey’s actions are almost unheard of, and we love to see it, and appreciate the brother even more.

There is no word on whether Beth Stuckey will also follow suit.

10 thoughts on “Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll Back Together for Christian Conference

  1. WILKERSON, DAMAZIO and Finochio are heretics. Metaxas is a coward and weasel. Chandler and Driscoll are wolves in sheeps clothing.

    If Allie Beth remains a speaker, I hope she preaches the Gospel and calls those heretics to repent and be forgiven.

    1. I dont know anything about Beth but I do wonder why a “sheep” would ‘flock together’ with wolves. Is her theology as sound as you presume?

  2. Talk about a strange speaker list …. John MacArthur will be platformed with John Piper and Ligon Duncan in October for the Puritan Conference at Grace Community Church.

  3. And at one point I really admired Chandler.. especially after the “You’re Not David” sermon he preached at elevation. Plenty of what I thought were “sound” preachers partnering with heretics for this false “unity”. Discourages me greatly and sometimes makes me want to just give up on being in ministry if so many “churches” keep accepting false doctrine and preachers for the sake of being relevant and going with the crowd. I hate it. LORD have mercy.

    1. Seems to me that if your master is Christ , why would heretics discourage you? The opposite should occur in your heart shouldnt it?! God commanded his sheep to defend the faith didnt he? “Greater is he who is in me than he that is in the world. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

      1. My master is Christ and Christ alone. Heretics don’t discourage me. The modern church’s acceptance of them does. I’ve been in ministry many years now defending the faith and calling out these wolves yet I’m amazed at how many “christians” are accepting of what is obviously heresy. If you’ve spent the time I have praying and pleading with God over and over. Seeing leaders in different denominations looking up to these clowns – you’d feel the weight of it. I’m not losing my faith or “de-constructing” ( that’s the cool term for it now right?) My faith in Jesus is the only thing that KEEPS me from quitting! But I’d be lying if I said the condition of the church doesn’t bring me much pain and grief. Thank you for your response

  4. if Stuckey preaches the Gospel and only the Gospel and walks off the stage and NOTHING more, that’ll be the saving grace…because why oh why is she at this? Good to see Sey made his decision. I initially saw the pic and was like “woh what?”

    decade after decade, they never give up on these “conferences” shmoozing each other while collecting $$$. In my naive days in 2000s I attended a conference with Chandler, Driscoll, and a whole host of others and it’s so staged. I actually had the “privilege” to sit directly behind them as they prepared and they weren’t even listening to other speakers and yucked each other up. When it was Chandler’s turn, Driscoll reminded him of the talking points. And Chandler like a light switch getting up on stage, does his usual shtick with his frantic arms. I can’t believe I thought it was cool back then.

    1. UGH.. that’s so gross. So much arrogance in these mega church “pastors” . I remember being at a conference with colleagues of mine ( we are all pastors) and while I was shocked and disgusted by the arrogance of Lentz, furtick, Smith and Houston etc…. My colleagues said to me afterwards ” Oh weren’t they brilliant!” – Made me feel sick

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