Would you Pay $1748.70 For Tickets to a Steven Furtick/ Elevation Worship Concert?

Last year we criticized the expensive prices that tickets to see Steven Furtick and The Elevation Worship band cost, questioning whether or not it made sense from a financial or spiritual perspective. Individual tickets ranged from about $38 for the nosebleeds, up to $195 for front row access, with most tickets in the 50-110$ range.

If $100 or $200 for tickets seems like a lot to hear what is ostensibly the house band, don’t forget that Furtick once joined T.D. Jakes for a Christian conference where some tickets were $1000 each.

Well, he’s on tour again this year, and in some cases, tickets have more than doubled. For 2022, Furtick will be joining the 8-night Elevation Nights tour to give a little sermonette before each performance, and then the band will perform some of their worship hits like “Graves Into Gardens,” “RATTLE!,” “Do It Again,” “The Blessing.”

They’ll be seeing over 100,000 people, from sold-out venues like the 11,000-person Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, to the 20,000-capacity seating in TD Garden in Boston.

While tickets can be still gotten for 20 or 30$ up in the nosebleeds, if you want closer seating to be nearer to the hem of Steven Furtick’s garments, it’ll cost you. If you want verified resale tickets, they’re $434 apiece, or two for $1038.05 including taxes. If you want to buy them directly from Ticketmaster- never resold but original platinum seats, they’ll still cost you $1036.20. There is no meet-and-greet with these but rather are standalone prices.

We’re talking about the second and seventh row here!

If you want to buy a true second-hand seat from StubHub, you can expect to pay up to $874 for a single ticket, if you want the very best seat so you can see Furtick’s beard hairs and the bass player’s glistening sweat while you sing “And Your family and your children And their children, and their children.” Going with a friend? that’s over $1750 bucks.

I suppose for some, paying this makes all the sense in the world.

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