Naming and Shaming: #BigEva Leaders who Celebrated Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation

(Evangelical Dark Web) It’s high time we name and shame Evangelical “thought leaders” who make a living working cushy jobs only to turn and celebrate evil on an income that in many cases subsists from tithes. Supporting the latest liberal judge’s confirmation is yet the latest celebration and obfuscation of evil in our society. This is meant to be a reference to deny credibility to these men in the future.

Brent Leatherwood (ERLC)

Brent Leatherwood is a blogger at the ERLC, the Southern Baptist Convention’s political arm which is nothing more than a glorified and overpriced blog. He celebrates the historic moment.

It is no surprise that an ERLC blogger would tout this tokenism as an achievement.

Erick Erickson

In-between tweets virtue signaling how he is getting his kids Covid tested and simping for Zelensky and the Great Reset, Erick Erickson defends the ERLC once again.

This is not a surprising take for the midwit commentator.

Daniel Darling..

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Ray Fava and published at the Evangelical Dark Web.

6 thoughts on “Naming and Shaming: #BigEva Leaders who Celebrated Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation

  1. Sorry, I’m not going to celebrate appointment of the first SCOTUS judge who isn’t sure whether or not individuals have inalienable natural rights, much less can’t define the word “woman,” or who believes there must be no overlap of belief and law (as if such a divorce were even possible).

    Her appointment is a slap in the face of good Christian black women the world over. And I hate it for them. There is nothing to celebrate.

    1. She can define neither “black” nor “woman.” If we were to follow progressives’ dictates and support, affirm, and accept her definition of herself, then she would be the first SCOTUS judge in history.

      No, if I’m going to exalt someone, it will be someone who didn’t sell their soul.

      1. First (undefinable) (undefinable) SCOTUS judge in history.

        Filter removed less-than and greater-than.

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