Sodomy Baptist Theological Seminary? SWBTS Graduating Known Homosexuals According to Former Student

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary covers for and graduates known, admitted homosexuals according to a former student who recently called into Polemics Report.

SWBTS graduate Chris Cunningham called into the program to report that “air conditioning kid” David Bumgardner, a fellow SWBTS grad and current columnist at so-called Baptist News Global, was openly and actively pursuing sexual relationships with other male students while a student at SWBTS’s Scarborough College.

According to Cunningham’s recounting of his time at the college, Bumgarner would reportedly drink, tell other male students he was “crushing on them,” and would respond with profanity-laced and blasphemous tirades when challenged. His behavior was reported to school officials on multiple occasions, and the response was, “we’re taking it very seriously” according to Cunningham.

Scarborough College was given evidence of Bumgardner’s profanity-laden tirades, testimony of his attempts to proposition other male students for sex, and his verbally attacking and abusing a recently-divorced youth pastor with what Cunningham described as “horrific filth” that would “make [him] blush if [he was] still in the Army.” Yet the school did “absolutely nothing” according to Cunningham.

David Bumgardner made news in 2020 for having his ministry license non-renewed by the Texas church where he interned as an SWBTS student. The non-renewal followed Bumgardner’s endorsement of Joe Biden for president, with Bumgardner calling Biden the “true ‘Christian option’ in this election” in social media posts.

Fast forward to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting, and Bumgardner took the mic to address the convention multiple times about the air conditioning in the convention hall and his endorsement of the resolution On Abuse and Pastoral Qualifications, which elevated the nondescript sin of sexual abuse to a level demanding permanent disqualification from pastoral ministry, whether or not the sin occurred prior to regeneration. The resolution tellingly appealed to worldly standards over a biblical understanding of regeneration, noting “Sexual abuse is an action repugnant to the teachings of Scripture and reprehensible even to those who are not believers” (emphasis mine) in making the case for disqualifying the sin from reach of God’s regenerative power (sins like murder remained under God’s purview to wash clean by the power of the Spirit).

Finding no ministerial home among conservative Baptists, Bumgardner was predictably able to secure the endorsement and “license” to preach from notoriously racist SBC pastor Dwight McKissic:

Bumgarner now writes for the newspeak-monikered blog Baptist News Global (not Baptist, not news, and not global) where he is free to pursue whatever leftist “discoveries” enter his young and depraved mind. Commentary on the video below was concerning, as one watcher commented, “I knew a youth pastor who told me NOTS was full of them. He said they had their own dorm. Most were music majors. I know of a sbc (sic) church near by (sic) that ordain a gay man to the ministry.”

See the segment on the program here (starting at 20:43):

7 thoughts on “Sodomy Baptist Theological Seminary? SWBTS Graduating Known Homosexuals According to Former Student

  1. It’s easy to imagine if he were an airline pilot how he would enjoy sitting in the front where the captain and cocaptain sit because think of what that compartment is called.

    May God grant him repentance and show him mercy. If not forthcoming, however, I guess his last name suits him perfectly. Have to wonder sometimes if guys like this, including McKissack, would know if they were under a curse because, guess what…

  2. God makes most young people LGBTQPA++. Only the homophobic transphobic neo-Nazis domestic terrorists Putin-bots on this website are upset by this

  3. I think every true believer that frequents this website should covenant together to pray for Johnny. It’s clear he does not know Christ. I’m serious. Arguing or criticizing are pointless. I read his comments and don’t feel like arguing because it would be like arguing with someone who is constantly telling me grass is red. I know it’s not, and so my arguing isn’t going to do any good. I’m going to put Johnny on my prayer list. I’m calling on others to do the same (and actually pray).

  4. Did your site make any efforts to corroborate or verify Chris Cunningham’s story? It’s pretty inflammatory, and seems like some journalistic effort should be put forth before publishing it.

    1. I served as a missionary with people who graduated from SEBTS and at least one of them graduated “woke” and… was open about it on social media. SBC or state convention-affiliated colleges, are not what they used to be. This just further confirms what I see on YouTube about SBC seminariesz, it’s too bad.

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