SBC Prez Candidate Bart Barber Believes That BLM, CRT, and MeToo Opposition Has Nothing To Do With The Bible Or Theology

Jesus warned the disciples to beware of the hypocrisy of the pharisees, who presented themselves as the religious leaders of the nation of Israel. Their whitewashed clean public persona was like a nice-looking tomb that contained the dead bones of uncleanliness and hypocrisy. Jesus promised that their backroom dealings and heart motivations would one day see the light of day.

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

Matthew 12:1b-3

No current figure in the Southern Baptist Convention personifies the modern-day Spirit of the Pharisees better than Presidential hopeful Pastor Bart Barber. An establishment Big-Eva candidate, Barber prides himself as the unifier who will save the convention from divisive conservatives who ally themselves with the likes of the Conservative Baptist Network. In the wake of his campaign announcement, Barber has been eager to cast himself as the candidate who is on the right side of SBC politics, CRT, and even secular politics; all the while claiming that conservatives don’t have a properly nuanced approach to the most important issues.

Fortunately, things written by Barber in the past remain for clear-headed observers to judge. Contrary to his current position of rejecting CRT, Barber continually casts those who oppose CRT on theological grounds as unhinged political hacks who are hellbent on bringing political issues into the SBC arena. Barber even goes so far as to say that Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, and Me Too movement opposition have their roots in politics as opposed to matters of the first conservative resurgence, which he considers to be purely centered around theological matters.

To Bart Barber, the leftists who introduced CRT, BLM, and the MeToo movement into the church are not the problem. He sees these issues as tertiary matters- things that are disputable on the basis of scripture. However, when it comes to conservatives who oppose these things on the basis of scripture, and want to present a Biblical answer to clearly leftist anti-Christian propaganda entering the church, Barber believes that they are “WAY off message.”

Leftist proponents of CRT gush at Barber’s repudiation of conservatives. Race baiter Dwight Mckissic, who has appeared at Barber’s church even went so far as to proclaim Barber a “prophet” on the basis of Barber’s Proclamation that the convention is in a “Golden Age of Southern Baptist Unity” and that the current problems faced by the SBC are not as bad as the problems that caused denominational splits in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The fact that someone so far to the left as McKissic has been invited to appear at Barber’s church and approves of his approach to CRT and politics speaks volumes about how Barber would steer the SBC. Barber has been positioning himself for the opportunity to run for President of the SBC for quite some time, despite claims from Barber that he “wouldn’t be an SBC entity head for a barge of gold.” This begs the question, which Big Eva entity or influential benefactor will pony up the barge of gold to pay for Barber’s services, in the event that he wins the election for SBC President?

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Paul Brown for Protestia

7 thoughts on “SBC Prez Candidate Bart Barber Believes That BLM, CRT, and MeToo Opposition Has Nothing To Do With The Bible Or Theology

  1. No Bart, it is still about infiltration of the same satanic, atheistic, darwinist worldview, just somewhat repackaged and re-branded.

    It was about abortion and sexual immorality, and on a deeper level infiltration of the satanic, atheistic, darwinist worldview behind it. The stand against that trend was much larger scoped than just the SBC, and it led to the “Reagan Democrats” (Christians who previously voted Democrat) giving Reagan a landslide election victory.

      1. Wokeism, BLM, critical theory, etc. are the same satanic, atheistic, darwinist worldview. They are antithetical to scripture. And many of the groups behind them are the very same groups that were behind abortion, the “sexual revolution” and so on, that infiltrated the church. They are still pushing abortion, sexual immorality, homosexuality, etc. now to an even greater extent. Same groups. Same evil. Different decade. If you didn’t know this, you need to do some research. The same groups that extorted the NAACP into supporting abortion, are the same groups behind wokeism and CRT. The very same.

        It is now about adherence to the Bible and a Biblical worldview, just the same as it was then.

        What he fails to understand, and what you failed to glean from my post, is that it was political and secular then just as it is now. It’s about the political, secular, atheistic, satanic, darwinist worldview infiltrating the church, and that the means of combating that is getting back to the the Bible. It’s still about the Bible. It’s still about theology.

        The reason that satanic worldview infiltrates the church (turning it away from God’s Word, and away from sound theology) is due to secular political and social pressures, as well as economic pressures, educational pressures, and so on.

        But if we say we need to get back to the Bible, no matter what secular or political ideas and theories must be abandoned, that is neither secular nor political. It is the opposite.

        1. Go then to you politics. Sing your liturgy at the voting booth. See if Ronald Reagan can save you while he himself roasts in the pits of hell.

          1. Don’t falsely accuse me. I neither stated nor implied that our salvation is in politics. In fact, I stated the opposite. No, these days neither party is worth a hoot. Republicans are on the same exact path to the pit of hell as democrats, just a few years behind.

            I’ll explain this one more time.

            Wokeism, CRT, etc. ARE political. Opposition to their infiltration of the church is not.

            The infiltration of an atheistic, darwinst, worldview IS political. Opposition to it’s infiltration of the church is not.

            We need to get back to the Bible, no matter what secular or political ideas and theories must be abandoned. That’s what I said. And I meant what I said.

            Look up German Higher Criticism. And consider the push to manufacture natural/scientific explanations for God’s supernatural works. You’ll see. It’s atheism. It’s darwinism. It’s gnosticism. It’s not just little insignificant disagreements about theological details, as Bart tried to imply. What we’re seeing now is just different facets of the same evil.

          2. I was alive back then, and I remember. Abortion was a huge factor. Feminism and the “sexual revolution” was a huge factor, particularly the marxist feminist groups. But Bart conveniently left those out. The notion that what was happening in the secular, social, political world was of no concern and had no influence back then, is complete nonsense. It was precisely that influence and infiltration that was the problem.

            He compared the solution then, to the problem now. And that’s neither rational nor honest.

            The solution at both times was/is to get back to God’s Word, as it always is.

            The problem at both times was/is a satanic, atheistic, darwinist world view infiltrating the church, manifesting through different surface issues, yet now to a greater degree (but not that different when you think about it).

            It would be far more honest, accurate, and reasonable to compare the problem then to problem now, and the solution then to the solution now. Then you could make an honest comparison.

          3. German Higher Criticism, an attempt to remove all the supernatural from the Bible, grew out of darwinism, and was a forerunner of the cult of Positive Christianity created by the Nazis. That’s not just a matter of mere minor theological differences, as he implied. It’s huge.

            Why would any Christian feel a need to point out anytime an issue overlaps politics and God’s Word, unless the intent is to omit the part of the Bible that overlaps, by saying “that’s political!” ? Both the law and the Bible say that murder is wrong. Should the church then say we can’t talk about murder being wrong, because that’s a political issue? Political, social, etc. are constructs created by mankind. Not by God. His Word says what it says. Whether or not politics overlap is irrelevant. And the same principle applies when children are being indoctrinated and groomed into all manner of perversion and abominable sin in schools, by this wokeist culture. No Christian parent gives a rat’s posterior whether or not you want to label it political or not. It’s just flat-out wrong. and they don’t want that done to their children, period. And the church, of all organizations, should have their back! Instead you point your finger at them and criticize them for being political? What the sam hill. Talk about eternal roasting in the pit of hell, I’d say that easily qualifies.

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