Patreon Cancels ‘Bible Thumping Wingnut’ for Violating Hate Speech, Deletes Account

Our #BigTech overlords have continued their crackdown on conservatives and have completely wiped out the account of Tim Hurd of The Bible Thumping Wingnut, with Patreon shutting him down without warning and causing him to lose access to 1100 Patreons who were supporting his work.

A member of Patreon since December 2015, BTWN, who hosts our own podcast ‘The Polemic Report’ was one of the first discernment ministries to use the platform, and the ban came without warning or any indication that he was in violation of any terms of service, with the company claiming the was violating their policy on hate speech.

Given that he was kicked out after his page was already “thoroughly reviewed” there is no appeal process, and the decision is final.

Hurd, for his part, was shocked by the news.

“It’s finally happened to me. The thing is that I’m not surprised it happened to me but I’m surprised it happened to me before other people in my own theological circle. And you can think of who those people are with healthy Patreon accounts right now, and mine is gone.”

He totally means us.

He continues:

“The only I can think of (that I’ve talked about and which caused them to kick me off) is the biological male who is a swimmer, and from time to time on the BTWN channel I’ve talked about that and said I didn’t think it was right that he was swimming with biological females and wining all those races. If it’s not that, I don’t know what it is.

Patreon did provide BTWN with a list of all his supporters, and so he is moving to the platform, which is a Patreon alternative that he hopes will be less restrictive.

We at Protestia still have access to our account, located here, and are actively in the process of looking for free-speech alternatives, given that we are a waaaaaaaaaay bigger violater of their policies than Tim is. Please consider supporting us there, and then when they inevitably send us to the proverbial guillotines, we will have a way to contact you.

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