‘Christian’ Rapper Dropped by Label ‘Apologizes’ for Sexting

A month after Reach Records dropped producer and Christian artist GAWVI (real name Gabriel Alberto Azucena) after it was revealed that he’s been sending unsolicited nude pictures of himself to women for years, removing him from the label and booting him from the upcoming ‘We are Unashamed Tour’, he has broken his silenced and apologized for his actions, writing on Instagram:

Dear everyone, I have been spending time reflecting on these past couple of months and the years before, having meaningful conversations with God, my counselors, family, friends, and myself, about the mistakes I’ve made and the man I want to be on this earth

A few years ago, my marriage began to fall apart. Instead of leaning on God and facing the situation, I acted outside of the boundaries of my marriage. I began communicating and exchanging inappropriate photos with several women on social media… Even though I never met any of these women in person, it was inexcusable and wrong. I regret these mistakes, I take full accountability, and I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt by my actions.”

Now as I continue to reflect and wrestle with the choices I’ve made, I accept that God may continue to use this period of my life to show me things that I have needed to learn, so I can become the man he has called me to be.

While that sounds nice, his ex-wife Brianna Azucenam, with whom he has two children, disputes the sincerity of his apology, blasting him for his lack of honesty and accountability. She alleges it wasn’t just sexting with women he’d never met, but that he’d had a full-blown sexual affair which contributed to the marriage breaking down- something he neglected to mention, as well as the ways he gaslighted her through emotional abuse.

Gawvi full apology text:

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  1. Putting people on pedestals is stupid, they always fall off. They’re human, if you are following or looking up to them you are looking in the wrong place. Look higher.

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