Things We Like: ‘Bible Bashed’ Podcast is One Of The Best Things You’ll Listen To All Year

“Warning, the following message might be offensive to some audiences. These audiences may include by not limited to: professing Christians who never read their bibles. Sissies. Sodomites. Men with man-buns, Those who approve of men with man-buns, man-bun enables, white knights for men with man-buns, homemakers who finish Netflix but don’t know how to meal plan, and people who refer to their pets as fur babies. Viewer discretion is advised.” ~Intro to Bible Bashed

Several months ago were contacted by a podcast called Bible Bashed interested in partnering with us in some manner, being a fan of our website and our own ridiculously entertaining podcast, The Polemic Report, which JD Hall and David Morill run. This is not particularly common, given the sparks we tend to create around us, so we figured we’d give it a shot.

Part of our curiosity was the intro, which was interlaced with sermon messages from Paul Walker, John MacArthur, Conrad Mbewe and Voddie Baucham, all men who we like. Another part was the names of the episodes themselves, which were attention-grabbing and drew us in while also leaving us entertained. These include:

Depression: How Do You Tell the Difference Between Godly Sorrow And Being a Pathetic Crybaby?

Man Buns: Were the Westminister divines a Bunch of Sissified Pansies?

Man Buns: Do Man Buns Signal The Fall of Western Civilization?

Decision Making: How Do I Make a Decision Without Feeling Like A Sleazy Charismatic?

Racism: Why is it Wrong to Weep Over Wakanda?

Child Sacrifice: Should Women Who Murder Their Unborn Children Be Drawn and Quartered?

Online Church: Is Online-Church the Ecclesiastical Equivalent of Transgender-Male?

Gluttony: How Fat Does Someone Have to Be Before It Is Ok to Fat-Shame Them?

Pets: Is It a Sin to Have Fur Babies?

Psychology: Are Psychologists the Literal Spawn of Satan?

Sodomy: Should Christians Counsel Gays to Straighten Up And Marry A Member of The Opposite Sex?

Passive Husbands: What Do I Do If My Worthless Husband Won’t Lead? The Brute

It’s hard not to love.

Conceived in 2021, Bible Bashed is the brainchild of Harrison Kahrig and Tim Mullet, one a worship leader and the other an elder who lead the Provenance Church in Alabama. Armed with the tagline: “We aim to equip the saints for the works of ministry by answering the questions you’re not allowed to ask,” the duo have released over 60 podcasts to further this endeavor, some 20 minutes, some 90, with the goal to offer something not currently on the market. Kharig explains:

Aside from the brash questions, what sets us apart from other podcasts is that our goal is to get very specific about what sanctification looks like for a believer in the details of life. We not only talk about theology at 30,000 ft but also ask very specific questions along the way like “What do I do if I am unwillingly single?” or “What do I do if my worthless husband won’t lead?” We have even started to offer free biblical counseling to our audience in an effort to help give them counsel for their specific circumstances.”

Specific is right. The two frequently banter about their questions with a desire not to simply address the broad strokes of a subject, but rather put a lot of work in answering the specifics of the questions, anticipating and answering objections, pushback, and crafting little scenarios to see if they can think up exceptions to then tear down in spectacular fashion. The two rarely pull any punches, and “will go there” with nary a care in the world.

We don’t agree with everything they say, but if you want to add something fresh into your podcast rotation, this is well worth the listen.

5 thoughts on “Things We Like: ‘Bible Bashed’ Podcast is One Of The Best Things You’ll Listen To All Year

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