Veggie Tales Creator says Voddie Baucham Doesn’t Represent Black Christians

Leftists & Woke Christians fear that Dr. Voddie Baucham could enter SBC President’s race.

Phil Vischer tells Southern Baptists Voddie Baucham does not represent African American Christians. Vischer compares Voddie Baucham to Candace Owens.

(Capstone Report) Phil Vischer told conservative Southern Baptists excited about the prospect of that Dr. Voddie Baucham might run for SBC President that Dr. Baucham is no different than Candace Owens. In fact, Vischer said that Dr. Baucham only appeals to white, conservative audience.

Vischer said in response to excited white Christians, “Probably no more than a Candace Owens presidency, unfortunately. He (Voddie Baucham) doesn’t speak for many Af American Christians.”

He continued, “Right. Just saying his views are very unpopular among most Black Christians. His audience is overwhelmingly conservative white Christians. Not much progress likely to come from that.”

And the cherry on top of the Wokeness…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written and published at the Capstone Report

6 thoughts on “Veggie Tales Creator says Voddie Baucham Doesn’t Represent Black Christians

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  2. Seems a bit odd for a white guy to be so dismissive of a black man having a strictly biblical perspective and viewpoint. Seems a bit dismissive of him toward American American Christians in general to assume they are diametrically opposed to ever considering those views.

    The indwelling Holy Spirit aligns hearts and minds to God’s written Word. That aspect of His work is readily available to all born again believers when they hear the clear proclamation of His Word. It would seem that Phil would rather confine African-Americans to biblical instruction that remains openly interspersed with the philosophies of men?

    Sounds rather worldly.

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  4. What is up with Vischer? My kids used to watch his latest show for kids, which seems pretty solidly grounded in the Christian faith yet every since the George Floyd event he has veered left into the same group of white people blaming other white people for their whiteness. Now Baucham isn’t “black christian” enough?? What a nut (not a veggie).

  5. If what Vischer says is true that what Voddie teaches and stands for is mostly unpopular with black Christians yet it’s solidly biblical, what does it say about these “Christians?“

    Why does he feel he can speak for them, unless he feels he is a savior, which you see a lot on the left? Why can’t these folks see that they’re being patronized and what’s behind it?

    Remember that you can always tell who the racist are by two things: white hoods and white guilt.

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