Christian Rocker John Cooper of Skillet Declares ‘War’ On ‘Deconstruction’- ‘They Need to Shut Up”

John Cooper, lead singer and co-founder of the multi-platinum Christian rock band Skillet has been on a tear these last few months. The famous rocker, who for years has been in part mentored by Dr. James White, has been making the rounds at his concerts preaching the gospel and taking shots at those who have been publicly deconstructing their faith away from the truth of scriptures and encouraging others to do likewise, calling their justifications ‘lies’ and that in reality, they are being slaves to sin, as you can’t divorce Jesus from the bible, while repeatedly calling them liars and unbelievers who need to “shut up.” This was made clear at Winter Jam 2022, where he said:

…You see, this world right now is being run by an elite, a secular elite people, celebrities. They want to tell you how to truly find happiness, and they tell you over and over again, ‘the only way you can truly find happiness is to be your most truest, authentic self’. And what you have to do is divorce yourself from the limitations of Christianity, divorces youreself from the chains of the Bible. Really, what they want you to see, is a sexual revolution. I’m going to say it again. What they really want is a sexual revolution so that you can finally be free and turn your back on Jesus and all this stuff that he demands.

And this is my only question. I won’t talk long. I’ll just say this. If all of these celebrities and people telling you how to find happiness by doing it, if they are so happy, I want to know why their lives are so screwed up.

…You see, the problem is they believe that Jesus will take your freedom away. What they don’t understand is this, they are already slaves. They are already slaves to sin.

What they don’t understand is this: true freedom is found in Jesus Christ who came so that he could set you free from sin and death! All the freedom that they have is freedom to be a slave. And my question for them is this: do you really think that you can keep defying God? Do you really think that you can keep defying God and he’s not going to bring judgement? Do you really think that you can continue to spit in the face of the Creator? The Bible says this: “God is not mocked.”

This isn’t just in the secular world, this is happening in the Christian world right now as we speak. See, there’s some Christians. I’m not sure they’re Christians anymore, they’re trying the third way. They’re saying this ‘No, no, no, embrace Jesus. Just don’t embrace the Bible.’

I’m here to tell you tonight young people, listen to me. I’m going to save you from a lot of heartache tonight, if you will be willing to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you tonight. There is no such thing as loving Jesus, but not loving his word. There’s no such thing. There is no such thing as divorcing Jesus Christ from the authoritative word of God. And it is time for you young people to tell those celebrities and atheists and deconstructed Christians alike.

You tell them, ‘we are not listening to you anymore. We are not listening to your lies anymore. You think that you’re free, but you’re a slave to sin.’ But the blood of Jesus Christ has set me free, and who the son sets free is free Indeed, the Bible says.”

In another clip, he was even more straightforward:

“It’s time to tell these celebrities online to shut up. I said it. You know why? It’s truth. It’s time to tell a lot of these deconstructed Christians who are trying to say ‘I love Jesus. I just don’t like the Bible anymore’. It’s time to tell them to shut their mouths too. True freedom in Christ will shut the mouth of the liar.”

and in another TikTok video

It is time that we declare war against this deconstruction Christian movement. I don’t even like calling deconstruction ‘Christian.’ There is nothing Christian about it. It is a false religion.”

@justinwidner4 John Cooper from Skillet said it perfectly! Don’t fall in to the ways of the world! #winterjam #christian #preach #jesus ♬ original sound – Justin Widner

We like where this is going.

9 thoughts on “Christian Rocker John Cooper of Skillet Declares ‘War’ On ‘Deconstruction’- ‘They Need to Shut Up”

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  2. If you are sane and reformed and evangelical then you need to report these Christian nationalist domestic terrorists to the FBI. Call 911 and report!!

    1. G’day Johnny,

      Who are you to tell those of us who are sane, reformed and evangelical to report fellow sane, reformed and evangelical members of the body of Christ to law enforcement?
      Legit question bro, under what authority are you operating to demand this of people? Every single one of your previous comments indicates that you’re not actually interested in dialogue, but rather to peddle and pimp your particular worldview to the detriment of anybody who doesn’t agree with yours. Play the ball, and not the man.

        1. LOL I’ve been called many things, but that’s a new one – I’ve got to remember it from now on! I don’t think that would really stick where I live as I’m outside the US, so you’ll have to try again.
          But still, are you able to clarify why you believe this is ‘domestic terrorism’?

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