A Gallery Of The Faithful Gathering For Church. Album 29

The twenty-ninth album in our series showing our brothers and sisters in Christ gathering for church service as faithful believers.

Right now churches are canceling their services at an astonishing rate, with thousands announcing that services are canceled for the next month, if not longer. Furthermore, stringent conditions are being placed on believers, with countries having vaccine mandates in order to attend church, along with thousands of churches refusing to let unmasked, unvaccinated attend.

While going to church does not make one a believer, refusing to faithfully attend a local church should seriously call that faith into question. This is a glimpse of what the global church is up to, and will feature images in chronological order, week to week, of the men and women being obedient to the scriptures. As always, click to enlarge.

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For our multi-volume series showing the progression of the Church worldwide experiencing the lockdown and pandemic, from March 2020- July 2021, click here.

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