Tavner Smith’s Church Hemorrhages Members, Money+ Shuts Down Second Campus

Tavner Smith’s Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is crashing and burning. The church, led by the ‘WISH’ version of Steven Furtick, has been hemorrhaging members and money since before Christmas after it was revealed he was carrying on an illicit affair with his worship leader/ personal assistant, after they were spotted in a video kissing, as well as were caught in a compromising situation involving a bowl of chili and some boxer briefs.

Venue Church used to be among the fastest-growing churches in the nation, at one point topping 1500 people spread across four services and two locations. Now, they’re lucky to get a few dozen people. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that during their last service, “two-thirds of the roughly 150 cushioned chairs” in the church were “unfilled.”

Furthermore, their Georgia campus has shut down, according to The Venue is no Church Facebook Group, which has been chronicling their decline, leaving only the Chattanooga location open.

The CTFP offered a few more details of the push to deal with Tavner before it all went sideways, reporting::

In the final months of 2021, a video began circulating online and among staff allegedly showing Smith kissing his assistant in a North Georgia restaurant.

On Dec. 16, in light of the video but just days after attending a Christmas party Smith hosted, staff at Venue gave their pastor until 3 p.m. the next day to make a decision. Staff wanted Smith to step away from leadership for six to 12 months, signing the church over to someone else while receiving professional help, according to a former staff member who requested anonymity since settlements with the church have not been finalized.

Smith refused.

On Dec. 17, eight staff members quit, less than 48 hours before the church’s Christmas service. A meeting for volunteers was held that night, during which more people cut ties with the church…”

It’s no surprise that Smith finds himself here. His theology is a jumbled mess of prosperity preaching, wretched theology, charismatic mumbo jumbo, vision casting, the pursuit of ‘impossible dreams’, an insatiable ask for money and seed-sowing, and constantly positioning himself as hearing directly from God and being the conduit to the heavens.

Like most cult of personalities, this led him to escape accountability. With no elders or guardrails, the structure was created to allow him to indulge in his baser passions without anyone being able to call him out on it, until it was too late.

Despite the church floundering, those who are left are likely the most dedicated and deceived, and Tavner plans on rejoining them in the very near future and remaining as their pastor.

13 thoughts on “Tavner Smith’s Church Hemorrhages Members, Money+ Shuts Down Second Campus

  1. Look at me, I’m a sorry excuse for a so-called Christian. I like to insult people made in God’s image, calling “dumbass” and other despicable names, all stemming from the disdain I retain from my heart for them all. After all, as a Christian, I enjoy following God’s Word, as in passages such as below.

    “The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.” [2 Timothy 2:24-26]

    Actually, truth be told, I could care less about the Word of God! I’d much rather all these dumbasses remain captivated by Satan and rot in hell. Why? Because I hate them all!

    1. LOL.
      Sorry, Johnny, most here are too intelligent to fall for your newest pathetic attempt to portray yourself as a Christ-follower. It takes more than losing your idiotic perversion flags to pull this off, dumbass. 🙂

  2. Good! The few remaining won’t be able to sustain his financial desires…at least until he finds a worldly method to draw in more goats.

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  3. Smith is reaping the whirlwind. Thank God his congregation are no longer willing to entertain this fraud.

    1. LOL Johnny, nice try again. You can’t even use correct grammar, dumbass. It’s “is” no longer willing, not “are.”

      1. Nobody’s falling for your retarded efforts, Johnny ( or Johnny’s boyfriend as you suddenly understand above-4th grade English), but if it keeps you from your usually advocacy of LGBTQ perversion, abortion, and BLM idiocy, it’s a positive thing. Please, keep it up , dumbass 🙂
        *insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a godless sodomite nor mentally ill*

        1. By the way, Johnny is such an idiot. A retarded, mentally incompetent moron. I hate idiots, retards, and morons. They all need to get a life.

          1. You’re posting like yourself again, Johnny!
            I suggest you try doing this before you hit the bong or at have your boyfriend write – it will come of as more believeable. Maybe.
            Confirmation that a dumbass impersonating someone else is still a dumbass 🙂

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