Sho Baraka Says White Churches Need ‘An Adjustment Of How You See The Gospel’

(WokePreacherTV) Recording artist and author Sho Baraka explains how evangelicals’ theology needs a “reset” when it comes to packaging activism as a required component of the Christian gospel during a panel discussion for a June 7, 2020 church worship service video.


There needs to be an adjustment of how you [white churches] see the gospel. The gospel is just not a posture of personal piety. It is a redemption of all things…That means God is calling us to repair relationships with one another and the systems that we’ve created…Everything from predatory lending to home loans to policing.

Theologically…I think we need a reset…When we talk about redemption, our theology is not just a redemption of, “Oh Lord, forgive me,” and I’m cool as long as I have my quiet times…It’s like, “Lord, how do I help?”…I also have to redeem the brokenness that I’ve created in society. And I think people are starting to learn that systems have been created so racism is bigger than just the relationships…Atlanta has been a city that has been run by black folks for many, many, many years. If racism was [sic] a problem, then we still wouldn’t…have the issues with income inequality, with housing issues, sex trafficking. However, it doesn’t matter whose face is in a system. The system is going to run as well as the people who made it to run for their personal benefit.

Our theology is really steeped in the emphasis of imperialism and triumphalism and heroism, because we want to be heroes. But the moment we have to sit back and learn and be submissive, there’s no sexiness in that.

5 thoughts on “Sho Baraka Says White Churches Need ‘An Adjustment Of How You See The Gospel’

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