Prominent Critic of SBC’s Leftward Drift Takes Church and Leaves the Convention

Josh Buice, the pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church, President of G3 Ministries, initial signer and framer of the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, and a prominent critic of the Southern Baptist Convention’s leftward drift has led his church out of the Southern Baptist Convention, departing from the embattled and lost denomination, writing:

“Over the last few years, there has been a great deal of transition and change within the Southern Baptist Convention. That’s a nice way of describing the devious deconstruction plan that has been at work for many years behind the scenes. Along the way, we have witnessed scandals, controversies, and division. It is not my desire in this article to add fuel to the fire, however, as a lifelong SBC member and pastor I believe it’s necessary to provide a reason for our church’s decision to officially separate from the SBC effective on January 1st, 2022.”

The article is well-worth the read in its entirety. Buice cites the SBC’s acceptance and toleration of CRT, the infamous Resolution 9, the acceptance of the social justice agenda, the SBC’s leadership’s rejection of the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, toleration for women in the pulpit, all sorts of other assorted compromises and downgrade, and the final straw being the Ed Litton plagiarism scandal, which was defended by SBC elites.

The present downgrade that has encompassed the SBC is one of both methodological and theological error. When the SBC is willing to cancel Walt Disney but unwilling to cancel Derrick Bell or Kimberlé Crenshaw, we have serious problems. To be clear, the social justice movement is not purely Marxist, but it has roots in a postmodern attempt at deconstruction, and such a dialectic will be catastrophic if not corrected.

…For that reason, our church which is 180 years old and predates the SBC by three years, has determined by a 100% congregational vote led by the elders who voted in a 100% eldership vote to lead the church away from the SBC due to such compromise. The SBC has failed. The leaders have compromised. The SBC must know that local churches do not need the SBC, but the SBC does need local churches—both large and small.

6 thoughts on “Prominent Critic of SBC’s Leftward Drift Takes Church and Leaves the Convention

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  5. Can’t see how there is any excuse for a God-fearing church to remain in the SBC. Such parachurch organizations are not sanctioned by Scripture in any event.

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