Relevant Magazine Features Pro-choice ‘Unitarian Universalist’ On Why the ‘Bible is an Idol’

It’s no secret that Relevant Magazine is a heretical cove where progressives go to get their talking points and to find safe harbor from the judgment of Biblically faithful Christians who don’t hate Jesus.

Protest all they may, it’s a liberal rag slurped up by seeker-sensitive 20-somethings that populate megachurch corner offices, along with Emerging Church ex-pats wanting to relive the glory days. The magazine will claim they’re not “that progressive” and push back on claims that they are outside the bounds of the Christian faith or have descended into a vat of crippling heresy, while at the same time platforming and promoting the theological musings from Unitarian Universalist John Pavlovitz.

If Pavlovitz’s denial of Jesus as the author of scriptures and the second person of the Trinity wasn’t enough to know that this man is no believer, a quick perusal of his social media shows that he is pro-LGBT, pro-choice, and about as far away from Christian orthodoxy as one can imagine.

No longer a passive rebel to God’s law, he is an active participant and planner of theological terrorism, with each article he writes tossing in bits of unbiblical ball bearings to sustain the maximal amount of casualties with his sophistry bombs.

Like his new article, which is aptly titled Have We Made the Bible Into an Idol? where he argues that people have needlessly elevated the authority of the scripture and idolized its perspicuity, suggesting it is much more grey and muddy than people give it credit for. He openly suggests direct, divine inspiration apart from the bible by pointing out that we make a point of saying the Bible is ‘giving and active’ while refusing to give that same courtesy of God. The bible, he says, ought not to be elevated so.

“If we trust in a Jesus who is alive, and in a God who is fully present to individuals through His Holy Spirit, we will be fully expectant and confident that His voice and vocabulary are not confined to 66 books and 800,000 words. The Bible commands us not to add to the Scriptures, but that doesn’t mean that God can’t…As Christians, we should read, study, reflect on, respect, and where we feel personally convicted, obey the Bible, but we should never worship it.”

His ultimate point is that we mustn’t be so dogmatic, offering that instead of giving clear, uncontested assertions about what the scripture says, we ought rather to say, seemingly about any point of doctrine (including the Trinity clearly, as again, he’s a Universalist Unitarian) “The Bible appears to say that in this particular passage. I think I believe that interpretation, and now, let’s talk about it.”

It’s this sort of nonsense which demonstrates why this magazine is so irrelevant after all.

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9 thoughts on “Relevant Magazine Features Pro-choice ‘Unitarian Universalist’ On Why the ‘Bible is an Idol’

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  4. The Bible is not an idol. It is THE idol: the only one that God approves of and uses, and is our only access to God now and forever. All others are forbidden. Bibliolatry is not a sin; it’s worship.

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