JD’s Confessions. Consequences, Come What May…

I don’t know what the consequences hold. I don’t care. Kids belong with their parents. Here’s some explanations as to where I’ve been, that is a long time coming.

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7 thoughts on “JD’s Confessions. Consequences, Come What May…

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  2. I’ve broken no laws, but I may get a visit from law enforcement.

    Here’s my confession, come what may.

    This, my friends, is persecution obsession syndrome.

    1. Hardly. It is an intelligent realization of the climate of persecution we are presently living in as conservative Christians.

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  4. Protestia has allowed its comment section to go to the dogs. JD and company dont seem to care that a website that is overrun by spammers does not denote wisdom nor does it glorify Christ! I will not let the door hit me in my backside when I part ways with your spam infested site.

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