Jacob Prasch Calls out Joshua Chavez as Deadbeat 40-year-old Waiter Working at Holiday Inn+ Confirms Sexual Immorality

Things have taken an especially nasty turn in the implosion of Moriel Ministries, with the news that Servus Christi Diablos has left his former home and has been publicly attacking head honcho and former ministry partner Jacob Prasch on the way out. Once two partners in slander and theological curiosities, they have taken their blow-up public, with each side releasing videos attacking the other in an especially acrid fashion.

This is not unsurprising behavior, particularly when you understand who Chavez is, which you can read about in our exposé about how he imported a bride into the US, consummated the relationship, then abandoned her and sent her back– a document that Jacob Prash has been using to demonstrate the sheer immorality of Chavez’s life. A couple of clips from his 30-minute statement:

Chavez has no accountability

“Proverbs 18 tells us the following: He who separates himself seeks his own desire, he quarrels against all sound wisdom. I speak of course to the attacks-this is the third time it’s happened- from Joshua Chavez. He seeks his own desire, he separates himself. Joshua Chavez has never had any church, any board any accountability.

He has always been a renegade unto himself, and has quarreled against all sound wisdom. Scripture says somebody who does that seeks their own desire. They don’t seek the will of Jesus. Somebody who’s persistently out of fellowship, and he was out of fellowship way before COVID. No accountability to anyone. Seeks his own desire.

I tried to get next to him as a brother and encouarge him but he’s a renegade on his own. No board, no council, no church, no nothing like that. He’s somebody who seeks his own desire, according to the Word of God, he quarraels against all sound wisdom.”

Prasch Confirms the Wife Stuff

“This (letter) is from the wife of Joshua Chavez. We are planning if necessary to interview her on a video if this becomes necessary, but we have here her statement This was sent to me. This is is Joelle Chavez, the rightful wife in the eyes of God of Mr. Joshua Chavez. This is what Joelle Chavez, his wife, says concerning him.

‘I’m not ashamed for leaving an abusive man who did not make a way for me to stay in the country, and completely neglected the process. You need to repent of being an abusive man, and all your abusive comments on your channel. You have the spirit of the devil in you. I’ll only submit to you when you repent and get a circumcised heart. You should be so broken by your behavior, but you continue to ignore the very serious abusive issues you have and are hurting many people. You’re raising (unintelligible) savages, not disciples. I know you have arrogant women who would admire these matters of yours, but I will not stand for it or be a doormat for you ever again.’

These are the verbatim remarks of Joshua Chavez’s wife Joelle. This is her claim, and he admitted he did not legally married her but had sexual intimacy with her anyway, after assuring me he would not do so. At least he could have had the basic Christian integrity to drive from New Mexico to Las Vegas and made the marriage legal before he slept with that. His enemies were saying he used her as whore, as a concubine. And because he didn’t marry her, she left him.

How can I or any Christian defend this?

Joshua Chavez assured me that he would not marry this woman if she came to the United States, he would court her and see what the Lord led from there. This was his promise. I was not against the relationship, I helped him acquire the ticket for her. I wanted to help him on the promise that he would not marry her, he would only court her until he saw how the Lord led over a period of courting enough time.

Next thing I know, in a matter of days, or less, he proclaimed himself married to her, and he is sleeping with her. But he does not marry her legally. He wouldn’t give her his name. He wouldn’t procure for her the legal means to remain in the United States as his wife
. Again, she says ‘I’m not ashamed for leaving an abusive man who did not make a way for me to stay in the country, and completely neglected the process.’

He completely neglected the process. He bought this woman over from South Africa, proclaimed himself married to her, and then had sex with her. But he didn’t marry her. He didn’t get her a green card or a marital visa. He made no effort to do it. And he lied. He assured me and others he wouldn’t do it. But then he did it.

Having lied to me now he is, of course, lying about me. This is an immoral man. This is a maritally immoral man. He had no right to do that, to have this woman come over, promising, assuring he would not do anything with that. He would not marry her in the short term. But then does so- proclaims himself unilaterally.

No legal marriage, consummate the relationship, sleeps with her sexually and makes no legal provision. This is marital immorality. He’s a liar. And he’s an immoral man…. This is serious immorality. Let’s look at the situation a bit further.

I made it clear. And our ministry Moriel made it clear with the support of some others, that he is not scripturally qualified for ministry. He cannot be in ministry. He’s involved in marital immorality of all gross kind. He lied, and he did something very wrong. He does not meet the biblical criteria God gave us for being in ministry. And I also made it clear to him which is (what) got him really angry that he has no right to another woman. He has no scriptural right to take another woman. I made this very clear.

Joshua Chavez is…a low-level waiter?

“(Joshua) forms a limited liability company and monetizes his website. In other words, it becomes a business. So you have this guy who’s nearly 40 years old, nearly 40. Now again, I’m not trying to belittle anybody, I’m simply stating the facts. Joshua Chavez made his living as a waiter in a restaurant in a Holiday inn. He was a waiter at a Holiday Inn. I do not demean people who make their livings as waiters and waitresses. There are of course, professional waiters, and waitresses in Michelin four and five-star restaurants who have the prospect of becoming captains or a maî·tre d or sommalier, things like this, that are career waiters in a four or five-star restaurant, and $40-50 tips and so forth. Okay, we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about a waiter at a Holiday Inn.

When COVID struck, particularly in a liberal democratic state like New Mexico, where Joshua Chavez lives, the waiter option for making a living largely dried up. No job. Restaurants are closed all kinds of restrictions still are in most places.

So you’ve got a guy with no business, no trade, no formal education. He never finished college or university. No career, no profession, nearly 40 years old, none of that.

He never managed to get his life together, even in the temporal sense.

Now, I believe the reason he never managed to get his life together, even in the temporal sense is because his life was not together, spiritually and morally. But you got a guy pushing 40, working as a waiter, no profession, no trade, no formal education, no business, no career, nothing.

The ministry of Jesus, the Ministry of the Word of God, is not a refuge for people who can’t make it in the secular world, to set up a business and turn the ministry into a business as has happened to Servus Christi. That’s not what the ministry is. And, scandal-mongering to use the names of better-known figures and a continuous avalanche of scandal and even lies in order to drive up views on a monetized site, in order to scrounge out a living, that’s low. That’s not ministry. It’s not even an honest business.”


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