YouTube: Government = Truth

In a move surprising no one paying attention, Google/YouTube has instituted a “vaccine misinformation policy” to go along with their “COVID-19 medical misinformation policy” that basically defines any speech contradicting the ever-changing government narrative as posing “a serious risk of egregious harm” and worthy of being put down the memory hole.

This kind of behavior was exactly the function served by the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the propaganda arm that was charged with defining what was true based on the ever-changing desires of Big Brother. For example, if Big Brother predicted that wearing face masks was not necessary to prevent the spread of an airborne respiratory virus, and later decided that masks were necessary, it would be the job of the Ministry of Truth to prevent any expression of Big Brother’s prior position. Big Brother is never wrong, you know!

Now along comes YouTube, willingly playing their part in casting truth itself as whatever the government is saying today. Never mind the fact that the government may change fundamental parts of their position tomorrow – they define truth itself and must never be openly questioned. You know, for safety. The “science” is settled, but the only determination “science” has made is that any speech made in opposition to the government is dangerous and must be eliminated.

David discusses this in the second half of today’s Daily Intelligence Briefing, ironically on YouTube:

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  1. Fact: When the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths increase as the percentage of vaccinated increases, you can’t legitimately even call it a vaccine. If this so-called “vaccine” were effective to any degree whatsoever, the complete opposite should be occurring. Yet we have an upward curve, where a downward curve should exist. What in the sam hill sort of vaccine is that?

    Fact: Many have died from this “vaccine”

    Fact: Many have suffered serious injury from this “vaccine”

    Fact: Young and healthy people are several times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by this “vaccine” than they are the virus it’s supposed to protect against.

    Fact: “Vaccinated” individuals can get the virus, spread the virus, and suffer serious injury or death from the virus.

    Fact: This so-called “vaccine” does not produce or enhance natural immunity or use the body’s immune system, as with real vaccines.

    These are just a few of the facts – irrefutable, readily observable FACTS that are being labeled “misinformation” because they do not feed the narrative. And these facts can reasonably lead anyone to question and theorize why such a dangerous and ineffective drug is being pushed the way it is, with people being forced, coerced, and extorted into taking it. It stinks to high Heaven. And the reasons most likely center around power and money.

    But bottom line, given the facts, if they are stupid enough to say this “vaccine” is safe or effective, and stupid enough to mandate it on top of that, they are most definitely nowhere near intelligent enough to be messing with DNA. If they are not smart enough to tell the massive difference between an upward curve and a downward curve, I’m surprised they’re even intelligent enough to tie their own shoes.

    They’ve been given over to an extremely reprobate, non-functioning mind. We are living in a Romans 1 judgement.

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