Prominent SBC Pastor Shocked That Dems are Pro-Abortion After he Voted for Them

Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas- a man constantly embroiled in threats to leave the SBC if they try to stop CRT from blooming within the denomination, is acting shocked and surprises that ‘Dems’s gonna Dem,’ after the demonic political party’s house caucus voted 218-1 in favor of passing a federal law that enshrines and entrenches a right to abortion up until birth.

This prompted the pastor who voted for Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020, to jump on social media to express how “betrayed” and “disrespected” he felt that they would do such a thing, despite them promising all through the campaign that they would.

No kidding, Dude. What did you think was going to happen? You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. It’s not betrayal if they told you they were going to do it.

Child sacrifice is a sacrament to these folks. The fact that McKissic is clutching his chest with mouth agape is a gross indictment against his ability to string together a rational thought without revealing what a seared conscience he has.

McKissic goes on to claim that Democrats are better at “justice issues” but fails to recognize a few salient facts. Chiefly: that openly declaring that you want women to have the right to chemical and surgical abortions so that these dead-eyed doctors can take their scissors and forceps and lop off limbs while turning the babies brains into a frothy slurry of blood and bone is a “justice issue.”

McKissic consistently comes down way harder on the GOP than the Dems for nearly all their policy positions, but the last time we checked, Republicans weren’t publicly calling for a law that enshrines and entrenches the right to castrate black folk, lynch them, and set their bodies on fire, which is about as parallel an example of this 218-1 vote you’re going to get.

The fact that he castigates the GOP policies as being about as perverse and mephistophelean as you can get, all the while framing the torture and scrambling of these little ones in the womb as merely “objectionable,” shows how “heartbreaking” he really thinks it is.

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16 thoughts on “Prominent SBC Pastor Shocked That Dems are Pro-Abortion After he Voted for Them

  1. When are people going to realize that abortion IS slavery? And the Democratic Party has been the party of slavery since its inception?

    This Pastor is so willfully ignorant of history, it’s frightening.

  2. He is a democrat, what did you expect? This is not a man of Almighty God, he is a pathetic man who shares in the millions of babies aborted.

  3. He’s pretending to be an idiot because that works for him with his constituents. He knew all along what the Demonic Dems are all about. He also calls Trump racist, when Trump did more for the black citizen and worker than any Dem President since FDR. It’s ridiculous. He should ask Tim Scott or Dr. Ben Carson if Trump is a racist. This guy is clearly the racist…..and anti-white racist. He’s fine with babies being murdered too. Not a Christian position under any circumstance……heretics.

  4. Reverend Dwight is a truly qualified candidate for SBC President. Along with Ed the Sermon Stealer they can continue the downward slide of the fake 501C3 church.

  5. You can believe he didn’t know the votes he placed supported baby killers if you need to. Me? I can hear Eddie Murphy saying
    You Lying your ass off..
    Nobody,, NOBODY doesn’t Know what the left support.

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