Religious Exemption for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations: A Printable PDF+ A Plea for Pastors to Sign a Petition

As a service to our brothers and sisters in Christ, we have created a printable and downloadable PDF that contains a religious exemption for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.

Many religious exemptions have been made available online for those who wish to maintain autonomy over their body for whatever reason that accords to their conscience. Some of them, which seek to provide religious exemptions, are very good. Some, without a doubt, twist Scripture. Some go so far as to sell religious exemptions or trade them in exchange for online church membership, which earns our strongest rebuke.

Seeing these tragedies, including both the mandatory violations of bodily autonomy and the simony of sold religious exemptions, many of which are not doctrinally sound, we asked twelve (or so) of the best pastors and theologians we know to begin forwarding me their Biblical reasons for legitimate religious exemptions that do not twist Scripture, but use it appropriately. With JD Hall being the publisher of the Gideon Knox Group, we have access to some of the best theologians in the world who happily agreed to send their thoughts, suggestions, and arguments for a Biblical case against forced vaccinations.

We then began to sort through the Scriptural argumentation for bodily autonomy, and have provided the best vaccine religious exemptions we could theologically muster.

In collating these religious arguments for bodily autonomy, we leaned heavily upon chapter-and-verse citation of the Holy Scripture, scriptural deduction, Protestant religious tradition, and logic – a gift of General Revelation given by God to all men that show his power and attributes.

In order to use this religious exemption, we ask that you sincerely hold to its Biblical attributes and do so with genuine intentions; it is not designed for the irreligious. Many arguments can be made for bodily autonomy outside God’s Special Revelation (IE the Holy Bible), including those provided by the U.S., state, or other Constitutions.

Furthermore, let us state that this religious exemption has intentionally been kept short and easy to read for the layman, presuming that employers with little religious training may place themselves into the position of judge to read it and determine its veracity (Matthew 7:6). It has, therefore, been kept on an elementary level for their benefit, rather than that of those using the religious exemption.

Likewise, we have created this petition for use by those with established religious credentials. We provide this document as a place for clergy members (including pastors and chaplains) to indicate their agreement that all those who claim a religious exemption as here described are, under God, rightly entitled to that exemption.

Every shepherd that signs will give credibility to a hundred sheep behind them.

Please sign this petition only if you are a clergy member. After signing the petition, you will be prompted to leave a comment. Please use the comment space to provide your name and information about your qualifications and ordination to Christian ministry.

This document is also available to view and download HERE


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5 thoughts on “Religious Exemption for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations: A Printable PDF+ A Plea for Pastors to Sign a Petition

  1. FYI your scripture reference in Argument 2 is incorrect re: pay to Caesar the things that are Caesars…. It should be LUKE 20:24-25 not Matthew 20:21

  2. AND the reference for the first commandment is also incorrect…what’s the deal guys???
    Should be Exodus 20:3 NOT Exodus 20:11 !!

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