Apologist Josh McDowell Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Comments

Author and Apologist Josh McDowell, perhaps best known for his book Evidence that Demands a Verdict, has come under fire for remarks he made at the American Association of Christian Counselors conference in Orlando, FL on Saturday. Speaking on the “Six Epidemics of the Church,” listing Critical Race theory as one, he then went on to say the following:

Everybody says blacks, whites, everybody has equal opportunity to make it in America. No they don’t, folks. I do not believe Blacks, African-Americans, and many other minorities have equal opportunity. Why? Most of them grew up in families where there is not a great emphasis on education, security – ‘you can do anything you want. You can change the world. If you work hard, you will make it!’

So many African-Americans don’t have those privileges like I was brought up with. My folks weren’t very rich, in fact, they were a poor farming family. But the way I was raised, I had advantages in life ingrained into me. ‘You can do it! Get your education! Get a job! Change the world!’

And that makes it different opportunities.

In response to the controversy, McDowell, who has been critical of CRT and social justice, responded by explaining that “my statement as quoted does not reflect my own beliefs” and apologized for “the implications they had.” He also offered a mea culpa for suggesting that “most minorities grew up in families where there is not a big emphasis on education and security” saying that his generalized statement “does not reflect reality.”

Despite his apology, the Twitteratti with their pitchforks are out in full force, decrying him as a racist and a man darkened by bigotry and hatred for black folk, telling him he needs to be re-educated with woke books.


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12 thoughts on “Apologist Josh McDowell Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Comments

  1. I thought that the whole point of Critical Race Theory was to generalize based on race… while vilifing one at the same time elevating another.
    Seems like he was doing no more than what the CRT proponents do on a daily basis. Both are divisive and unhelpful. The only difference is that this man apologized, whereas the CRT proponents don’t.

  2. This reminds me of Solomon ordering the baby to be cut in half. Just like that, the CRT twitter busybodies nearly do a complete reversal, and they don’t even realize it. What’s the difference in what Josh said, and the CRT take, which is “it doesn’t matter whether or not education and security are emphasized, ‘systemic racism’ is going to hold you down either way, so why bother” ?? The only difference is one says there is plenty of responsibility and blame to go around, where it’s rightfully due, the other says it’s 100% all the fault of every white man, just because of the color of their skin – and anything less than that is “racist”.

    But there’s one other important difference: The CRT take sends an oppressive, depressing, message of futility. Whereas placing blame and responsibility where it is rightfully due, does not – it is the most encouraging message.

  3. Ugh. The ‘woke’ culture has infiltrated every sector of our society, creating a multitude of hypersensitive, shrill Karens hysterically kicking to the curb anyone not in lockstep with their morally and intellectually retarded worldview. How pathetic is it that so many voices in the church now mimic those in secular society –

  4. I think that this shows that we can no longer communicate about anything. We shall all henceforth move about as mute islands unto ourselves.

  5. Postmodernism declares that truth about oneself is relative, thereby denying that there is absolute truth. The most common use of one denying absolute truth is so one can be free of moral accountability or standards. Woke-ism declares that truth about oneself is racist, thereby denying that there is empirical truth. The most common use of denying empirical truth is so one can be free of personal accountability or standards.

  6. These people whining and crying about everything really need to get over themselves. I love the internet, but I think it has had a major negative effect on society. Every idiot with a keyboard now has unfettered access to post whatever they want. Public discourse is now just people crying and moaning because they don’t like what someone said. Never seen such a group of namby pamby people in my life.

  7. He literally just spouted CRT. Now the CRT-espousing crowd is going after him for saying the same things that they believe and say? Oh boy…

  8. What he said is true. Barach Obama said basically the same thing when he said that “the black culture has to change…..blacks have to stop looking at every black kid that likes to read books as acting like they are white”, effecting saying that the black culture has many flaws that must change

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