NRB CEO Responds to Dan Darling Firing: “Is it Wrong for the CEO to Expect his Employees To Follow Instructions?”

In response to the gnashing of teeth and garment rending from blue-check Christians in an uproar over the alleged termination of the Senior Vice President of Communications Dan Darling from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) for making pro-vaccine comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show, NRB CEO Troy Miller has released a statement on social media clarifying why Darling was terminated and disputing some of the claims of the original RNS story.

  • In the letter Miller notes that Darling is a fellow elder with him at the church they attend, and that he considers him a friend.
  • He notes “Dan was never asked to admit his comments were a mistake. He was never asked to recant those comments. No NRB employee has ever been terminated for their views on the subject.”
  • Miller states that “NRB has no such policy” of remaining neutral about vaccines. Instead, he as the CEO issued a directive to the staff that said ‘Regardless of (pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine), this is NOT an issue that NRB is called to advocate for one way or another..from here out NRB stay neutral”
  • Miller says that “Dan was offered a path to another position that would have provided a significant salary and full benefits. He turned that offer down and chose to depart NRB.”

Ultimatey, Miller explains that he has been misrepresented by those on social media, and raises these questions:

1. Is it wrong for the CEO to expect his employees to follow instructions?
2. Is it wrong for the CEO to expect to be notified before an employee goes on national television to discuss a controversial topic?
3. Is it wrong for the CEO to expect his employees to help build coalitions, not fracture them?
4. Is it wrong for the CEO to have confidence and trust in his employees?
5. Is it wrong for the CEO to keep the organization and staff out of issues that do not fall within its mission?

Answer: Not at all.

We wrote an Op-Ed yesterday titled NRB was Right to Fire Dan Darling for his Sinful Pro-Vaccination Comments. From what we have seen by the CEO, we were right on the money.

After posting the statement, CEO Miller again defended this letter and his description of the events, asserting that contrary to some accusations, there is not one untruthful statement.


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10 thoughts on “NRB CEO Responds to Dan Darling Firing: “Is it Wrong for the CEO to Expect his Employees To Follow Instructions?”

  1. That clears it up, but there still wouldn’t be anything wrong with asking him to recant and/or correct his error. He should do so, even now. The so-called vaccine does not stop the spread. Period, full stop. Claims or implications that it does are dangerous untruths. Further claims or implications based on those untruths, that those who haven’t taken the so-called vaccine do not love their neighbor are disgusting false accusations that violate the 9th Commandment.

    He deserved to be fired.

    And Russell Moore needs to apologize for implying that it’s stupid not to parrot the above egregious lies. Talk about a nonsensical red herring, trying to compare this to a Christmas ornament, that nutcase wouldn’t know “sanity” if it smacked him in the head. Is the 9th Commandment stupid, Russell? This is not rocket science, for crying out loud. If you spread the lie that the so-called vaccine stops the spread, then you are contributing to the spread. If you don’t understand this, Russell, I can arrange for a 10-year-old to explain it to you. SMH

    1. Progressives are absolutely disgusting. Nearly every other word from their forked tongue is a false accusation, fallacious nonsense, or childish ridicule, all purposed to manipulate people. One could write a volume of books about the problems with this so-called vaccine, and many other things that don’t come close to adding up across 1.5 years of this covid mess. We’re now at roughly 12,000 cases of serious side effects per day from this so-called vaccine. 12,000 per day. More than 80 deaths/day from it. Long-term effects are unknown. It’s effectiveness is questionable at best. There are many, many very valid reasons that people may want to avoid it. Chief among them being the constant lies and nazified efforts to force or coerce people into taking it. That, by itself, is enough to make it stink to high Heaven. I’d take my chances with the most deadly virus known to mankind before I’d sell myself or my posterity into slavery to this draconian, totalitarian, satanic overreach.

      You progressives need to back the sam hill off. Get off your stupid twitter high horse. Nobody died and made you God. You have no right whatsoever to try to force or coerce people into taking that confounded so-called vaccine. None. Especially when such coercion involves blatant falsehoods. When you falsely accuse those who don’t take it of not loving their neighbor and being in violation of Jesus’ second commandment, you are no longer simply stating a pro-vaccine argument, you are wickedly trying to manipulate others. The same goes for false claims that it stops the spread. And this is particularly concerning considering all the nazified mess that is going on these days. You think it will stop with the so-called vaccine? Think again. You think governments, corporations, big tech, etc., now drunk on power, will willingly and easily hand back that power? Think again. You know nothing. You understand nothing.

      1. Destruction of small business, skyrocketing inflation, destroyed supply chains, destruction of lives and livelihoods, etc. that also result from such a lie apparently never enters progressives’ minds. If you can falsely claim that an individual’s choice to not to take the vaccine is putting the lives of others in danger, then you can somewhat rationalize all the totalitarian mess. Assuming people will be allowed into the grocery store without a nazified “passport” at all, they’ll still be stuck with $1000+/week grocery bills. And it’s already going to take a very, very long time for the economy to recover from the last 1.5 years. Though I strongly believe the Lord is likely to return before then, we still must act responsibly.

        Mr. Miller was 100% correct to set a policy for the organization to stay out of it. Absolutely correct. The rest of these progressives like Russell Moore, with short-sighted small brains and big loud mouths, need to follow suit. Just shut up. Nothing good can come from your manipulative lies, ridicule, and false accusations.

        1. If you go around lying, falsely accusing, engaging in deceitful manipulative mess that destroys lives and livelihoods, you shouldn’t be shocked if you reap what you’ve sown. Don’t be surprised if you are struck by the same sword you wield against others. We all know who said these things. You spoiled, arrogant, self-righteous progressives would be wise to spend your time thinking about how you’re going to fit through that eye of the needle, and less time treating the rest of mankind like we’re your cattle to be herded around as you see fit. You sit there in comfort, while many have lost everything, whining about someone being fired when he clearly deserved it. I have no pity for you. Zero. It’s but a small, tiny taste of your own medicine. Back off. People have the God-given right to decide whether or not they will take the so-called vaccine, and that decision can only adversely affect them and them alone. Period. It is none of your flipping business. Better you worry about your own decisions that have led to death and destruction, like the people stuck in Afghanistan facing certain death, and those who’ve already died, because an entire administration full of you geniuses, collectively together, still managed to opt for the dumbest, most irrational, most short-sighted, entirely backwards option possible. Worry about the 60+ million babies slaughtered in the womb. Quit focusing on a perceived spec in everyone else’s eye. You don’t have the right to even speak the words “stupidity” or “sanity” in reference to anyone but yourselves.

          1. Worry about the children being mutilated and indoctrinated into satanic abominations. Lives and livelihoods being destroyed because Christians cannot support, condone, or affirm abominable sin.

            Worry about whether or not you actually love your neighbor, and the decisions you’ve made.

            “vaccine hesitant” people have not done, and are not doing, anything to harm anyone.

    1. Does your neighbor using a condom protect you from aids when you commit sodomy? No. Its quite ridiculous to say it does isnt it? Why would your neighbor being vaccinated protect you? I thought you were protected after you get the vaccine. Isnt that the whole point of getting the jab ? That is common sense isnt it? So why praytell does your neighbor ,vaccinated or not ,have anything to do with you? You have lost the ability to reason things out ie critical thinking. You have soaked in all of the government propaganda like a sponge. It is people like you that have given the government more power . You hate your neighbor! You may want to apply for a government job carrying signs on the street corner . Get paid for your insanity. Dont waste away in your cave keyboard warrior-ing!

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