Op-Ed: Why You Should Become an Abolitionist, and Abandon Pro-Lifeism

If you have been reading my coverage of abortion-related topics with The Daily Wire, you may notice that the word “abolition” appears in nearly every article I write. Let me take a moment to explain what that means.

Since 1973, Americans have murdered over 63 million babies. Protestant denominations took nearly a decade to comprehend what was occurring—and once they finally did, a particular strategy called “incrementalism” was adopted.

If you are even vaguely familiar with the pro-life movement, you are aware of the various legislative proposals that it puts forward. Most of them work within the perceived parameters of Roe v. Wade to try and “incrementally” end abortion. Heartbeat bills ban all abortions once a baby has a beating heart; born-alive protection acts ban abortionists from killing babies if they survive abortion attempts; and pain-capable acts ban all abortions once a baby can feel pain.

For the following reasons and many more, these laws—and the movement behind them—are neither biblical, righteous, nor productive.

First, the pro-life movement does not establish equal justice.

Apply the logic of a pro-life bill to any other issue of criminal law. Would we ever laud a bill that bans sex trafficking for children between six and eighteen years of age, but greenlights it for children younger than six? Of course not—but that is the logic of the heartbeat bill. Would we ever laud a bill that lets a serial killer drown his victims, but bans him from finishing the act if they manage to crawl out of the river? Of course not—but that is the logic of the born-alive protection act. Would we ever laud a bill that lets us kill children who cannot yet walk, but bans us from killing them once they can? Of course not—but that is the logic of the pain-capable act.

God calls for His people to “seek justice, correct oppression, bring justice to the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17). He also proclaims “woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice” (Isaiah 10:1-2). Pro-life bills are iniquitous decrees because they do not ban murder—instead, they regulate when, how, and why it can happen. They turn our needy preborn neighbors away from justice, failing to uphold the rights of all image-bearers of God.

Second, the pro-life movement wrongly catechizes our culture.

Anyone who has ministered in front of an abortion facility can attest that mothers often raise excuses such as “my baby can’t feel pain yet,” “my baby doesn’t even have a heartbeat,” or “my baby is only ten weeks old.” Where did they learn to speak about their babies like this? From pro-life laws. The result? Their consciences are falsely soothed as they murder their own children.

Because pro-life bills—and, more broadly, the pro-life movement—treat women as “second victims” of abortion, post-abortive mothers and fathers fail to experience forgiveness through the gospel. One can only repent of sin after it is rightly defined by God’s Word. It is never loving to soften a square blow rightly delivered by Scripture—after all, love “rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:5).

Third, the pro-life movement is built upon faulty legal premises.

When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last year, we all remember the intense mourning from the Left. The woman was treated like a deity. But the Right manifested a similar idolatry when President Trump appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett—there were processions and parades, the Republican establishment mobilized on her behalf, and we placed our hope of political salvation into the potential for a conservative Supreme Court.

However, for the majority of the past five decades—even during Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey—the Supreme Court has had a conservative majority. Republican-appointed Justices have perpetuated abortion—because they are equally as devoted to the ideology of judicial precedent as their Democrat-appointed counterparts.

Abortion does not need to end with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. It is not the law of the land—which is why President Biden explicitly campaigned on the promise of codifying it at the federal level. The judicial branch does not make law. It has no power to legislate from the bench. Nevertheless, all fifty states—even the ones that still have laws on the books outlawing abortion—bow to the Supreme Court’s will. At this very moment, President Biden is ignoring a recent ruling from the Supreme Court to enforce his unconstitutional eviction moratorium, and we have not heard a word from the Justices. The states are most certainly within their constitutional rights to nullify Roe v. Wade for the reason of protecting their preborn citizens.

Fourth, the pro-life movement delays actual abolition.

For the past few years, more and more Christians have begun to recognize the above truths—and innumerable others—about the pro-life movement and its legislative strategies. In response, they have been proposing bills of abolition—which outlaw abortion from conception, include no exceptions, establish equal justice for the preborn by criminalizing abortion as murder, nullify Roe v. Wade, and repeal all other statutes that greenlight abortion.

The response—even in states with Republican governors and Republican supermajorities in the legislatures—is always the same. The abolition bill is suppressed, and a pro-life bill is adopted and marketed to voters as a landmark legislative victory. Pro-life bills allow civil magistrates to avoid their biblical duty—as defined by the doctrine of interposition—to protect their constituents from the federal government when it oversteps its boundaries.

Fifth, the pro-life movement is not grounded in the biblical worldview.

Politicians, activists, and intellectuals in the pro-life movement—even the ones who are evangelical Christians—set aside their Bibles and argue against abortion from the grounds of philosophy or science. The Bibles they set aside, however, explain that men “by their unrighteousness suppress the truth” (Romans 1:18). Do philosophy and science have their place in Christian apologetics? Absolutely—but they only confirm what Scripture authoritatively declares.
The problem for the person who partakes in abortion is not a lack of evidence—it is love of sin and rebellion against their Creator. Neglecting the Word of God in the name of pragmatism—which, by the way, is the reason that most churches in America are currently filled with false converts—is rooted in unbelief in the power of God.

The pro-life movement does not hold the gospel of Jesus Christ as central—but abolitionism does.

The pro-life movement does not stand upon the solid ground of God’s Word—but abolitionism does.

The pro-life movement does not recognize that the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God—but abolitionism does.

The pro-life movement has failed—five decades and 63 million dead bodies are evidence enough. Even if its adherents have good intentions, it is time for Christians in the pro-life movement to open their Bibles and their history books to see how the Church of Jesus Christ has fought injustice through the ages.

It is time for Christians to repent of their abortion apathy and to seek justice for their preborn neighbors. God will hold us accountable on the last day for our action—or inaction.It is time for bad ideas to die and for righteous ones to take their place.

It is time to be biblical—even if it means being unpopular.

It is time to love God and our neighbors.

It is time to abolish abortion.

Editor’s Note. This was a post written on Ben Zeisloft’s personal Facebook page. Reprinted in full with permission.


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24 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Why You Should Become an Abolitionist, and Abandon Pro-Lifeism

  1. Romans 13 says you must accept pro-choice LAW like our judges have decreed. Don’t like it? Then stop your Bible thumping 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    1. What a truly miserable life you must lead to come hear daily multiple times and spew hate and intolerance. Thanks for reminding us daily what hate truly is.

    2. Nothing is more repugnant than a godless, clueless individual attempting to use Scripture to justify evil.
      Go back to your gay porn, Johnny, and leave this discussion to the adults.
      (insert tiny flags here denoting I am not a sexual deviant nor mentally ill)

    3. It actually says you must accept God’s law the way God says, and those that resist the ordinances of the Lord will receive damnation. (reading KJB).

      It also says the ministers of God will execute wraith on those who do evil (v4).

      That applies to earthly judges too.

      Your mistake is to substitute wordly powers for higher powers, and then think a human judge can met out damnation, or that people’s soul’s are subjected to them. (The KJB’s use of the word soul is the correct one – psychē in greek. Modern translations have subtle changed words to sound like the KJB, but has absolutely no justification in the Greek. NO ONES soul or psyche is EVER subject to earthly rulers or should be. Good grief, one of baptists and other reformers distinctiveness was freedom of conscience. Check it out, modern translations have changed the word, and with no justification of the Greek, but only to subtle change it).

      You can read places in the Bible where rulers are heavenly rulers, or justification for minister as also angels, or kings being struck down by angels administrating justice Acts 12:23. So it seems higher powers flows from God down, not a corrupt official up, as following for conscience sake (v5).

      Yes “Johnny”, I know you are a troll and despicable in every way, but I thought it ironic your quoting Romans 13 to condemn others, and it is one that condemns you instead because it is talking about God’s power and damnation.

      To others – careful look at these verses in Greek, and do not separate v8-10 by clever breaking of paragraphs not in the actual. Modern translations corrupt it, and it’s obvious why they would.

        1. fyi Hebrews 1:14 Are not [the angels] ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

  2. I’ve been reading Johnny’s posts pretty much from day one. I’m actually beginning to think that what he’s doing is over the top sarcasm, taking an extreme “devil’s advocate” response stance to mock the wicked. His responses are so over the top that no actual believer can take on those positions and still call Christ Lord and His scriptures the truth of God.

    1. Don’t think so – ‘Johnny’ isn’t close to being smart enough to pull that off. Pretty sure he’s a sexually confused teen atheist smoking pot in his mother’s basement.

    1. I always knew you were actually a pro-life conservative, Johnny!
      I’m sorry for making fun of your sexual confusion, total ignorance of anything having to do with the Christian faith, lack of basic spelling and punctuation skills, and stupid tiny flags. So sorry.

  3. I am an abolitionist and I think all those in Christ should be too! Murdering any age baby is sin and a crime !

  4. Should abolish the supreme court as it stands today too and reconstruct it. They also legalised sodomy as marriage, an abomination that has no justification in the constitution or morality – the true sense of just.

    The US Supreme long ago abandoned the rule of law to appoint themselves powers they do not constitutional have – if in any doubt read the filings the Texas Attorney General filed in the 2020 election and the numerous State attorney generals that signed onto it, or other like court filings on other issues that have been filed by other State AG’s over that likewise reveal complete disregard the Supreme Court has had for the governing law of the United States.

    The Supreme Court was never suppose to be a third branch of government, but a creation of the US congress. Article III, section 1 of the US constitution and also “Although the Constitution establishes the Supreme Court, it permits Congress to decide how to organize it. Congress first exercised this power in the Judiciary Act of 1789. This Act created a Supreme Court with six justices. It also established the lower federal court”. It has never been on equal footing with the other branches of government. And they were never meant to be involved in ruling over States, or even power outside those explicitly and given and restricted to the government in the Constitution (see 9th and 10th Amendment i.e.).

    Congress as a leftist controlled entity is incapable of reforming the Supreme Court to be as it is meant to be as a constitutional limited entity, in fact they’ve been using it as a bludgeon for generations. It is not true that there is no one capable of reforming it. There are some great legal minds in the State governments who could reform it (read briefs mentioned). and it is at the State level that something should be considered constitutional. It’s not the federal government that should be telling the States what is constitutional, the constitution exists by and large to restrain the federal government. It should be the States instead telling the federal government it is out of bounds.

    ALSO, the reason that Amy Coney Barrett was picked, and why there were no protestants on the Supreme Court for so long, is the Catholics organise heavily every time a pick comes out based on whether they are catholic or not, not whether they are good justices or not. I see them organise for it every time there is a pick on freerepublic and other sites (numerous times over many years). That is the processions and parades the article mentions, but the writer either didn’t have the good sense to have observed it or the courage to say it. The only way this will be defeated is to be aware of it, and even more loudly organise together for good judges to be appointed, and not ones just because they are catholic. In fact, it might be mentioned to some of those involved in these parades at the grassroots level that picking a person just because they are catholic and not because they are a good judge is just wickedness.

        1. https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/13.0.1/svg/1f1fa-1f1f8.svg https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/13.0.1/svg/1f1ee-1f1f1.svg Johnny The Sodomite says:

          Okay, I’ll stop. The real Johnny above is telling the truth – abortion is murder.

  5. The legacy of abolitionism will be the bodies of dead women who were denied abortions. Some even for medical reasons.

  6. So, I bet you would be cool with incrementalism if it was your life being saved.
    Also, your examples are flawed. No one has decreed that a criminal can drown someone so making it illegal to kill them after they crawl out is irrelevant.
    And lastly and most importantly, EXACTLY HOW shall we abolish abortion? You call to abolish but don’t say how. I do agree abortion is heinous and murder but beyond the posturing exactly what do you propose? Shooting abortion docs like the one in Kansas? Blowing up clinics? Chucking bucks at Crisis Pregnancy Centers? Seems like we are doing almost all that is possible.

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