Afghanistan is Latest Faceplant for Ne’er-Do-Well Charismatic Prophets

Those Charismatics are not having a good few years. Not a single one predicted/ prophecies COVID or the destruction of our liberty that accompanied it, showing themselves to be poorly suited for the task. Then once it did come, half of them predicted it would be gone by the end of the year (You’ll recall Dr. Michael Brown made a wager based on this very thing) Once here, no one saw COVID striking the US President, the most powerful man on earth. Then the majority of them engaged in a bit of sinful commission when they prophesied that Trump would win a second term- another failure, despite having literal years to prepare themselves to hear from God.

Now we are in the process of seeing the collapse of the entire country of Afghanistan, and again, not one charismatic ne’er-do-well’s received a word of the Lord about it. Justin Peter explains further:

And here we are in what is this August 18. And for the last several days, as of this recording what have we been watching? The complete collapse of the entire country of Afghanistan.

None of the prophets saw this coming. Think about this. This is one of the biggest foreign policy failures, one of the biggest debacles in our lifetime. We have been fighting in Afghanistan now for 20 years. Since September 2011… So we’ve been, we have been at war with the Taliban in Afghanistan for 20 years, the longest war in the history of the United States of America by far.

And it all has come to an inglorious end in just the last few days, and the Taliban has completely swept the entire country. And here you see pictures of Taliban leaders sitting in the presidential office of Afghanistan. None of them saw that going. None of them saw this coming. None of them saw the horrific pictures from Kabul airport, with the Afghans holding on to the wheel well, the C-17 as it takes off in the just complete chaos there.

And even a couple of guys who managed to hold on to that thing after it got airborne and then fell a couple of 1000 feet to their death, none of them saw this coming. The prophet saw NONE of this coming. I mean, that the hits keep coming for these false prophets.

So friends, you know, at this point, if you’re following one of these so-called prophets, then it is shame on you.


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7 thoughts on “Afghanistan is Latest Faceplant for Ne’er-Do-Well Charismatic Prophets

  1. These lying/deluded narcissistic opportunists NEVER fail to fail, yet individuals continue to flock to the Charismatic movement like so many hungry rats to a piece of fetid cheese.
    There’s a whole lot of stupid spreading, and no vaccination in sight.

  2. Absolutely right. Not one of those false prophets got it right. Just like those other fakers, Paul and Jesus. That’s what you get for believing in them.

    1. Hey, look – our newest godless troll spewing brainless idiocy! I’m guessing the gay porn sites are down? 🙁

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