Hillsong Hosts Roman Catholic Priests For Ecumenical Conference

Roman Catholic Mass at HIllsong

Hillsong Phoenix has once again opened their doors to the Alpha Conference, a two-event advertised in January 2022 for those” longing to experience spiritual renewal in the local church, hungry to see God work in a post-Christian world, and looking for new ways to reach your community for Jesus.”

The conference, which skews charismatic, has frequently featured Roman Catholic Priests and bishops, including having a full-on Roman Catholic Mass as part of the celebration. This year they’ve brought on at least one priest, with John Riccardo featured as one of the main speakers, and likely to bring on several more.

According to the event:

Alpha is a space where people outside the church can explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open, honest, and informal environment. Alpha is primarily run by churches and hosted in places like church halls, bars, coffee shops, prisons, schools, and homes. Typically, Alpha has ten sessions and includes food, a short talk about the basics of the Christian faith, and a discussion at the end of each session in which guests are encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives without fear of judgement.  Millions of people have tried Alpha in more than 100 countries. Alpha runs in every part of the global church, including the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and all mainline Protestant denominations.

Hillsong, for their part, has been embroiled in a series of controversies, though this church has managed to stay out of the news for now. It goes without saying though that no one there in leadership has any discernment, and no idea that hosting a Roman Catholic mass or a pagan priest is utterly blasphemous.

h/t Reformation Charlotte

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  1. Guilty secret: I enjoy listening to Father John Riccardo’s program “Christ is the Answer” sometimes. I would go see him speak. I think I’d rather hear him than the Pentecostal prophets.

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