Baptist Church Says Only Vaccinated People May Attend+ Fire Unvaccinated Staff + No Children Allowed

An Atlanta church has taken a bold step in order their fight to show themselves unapproved- announcing that all worshippers and attendees wanting to gather on the Lord’s day for church may NOT attend unless they show proof of vaccination first.

Dr. William Flippin Sr, the ‘pastor’ of The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church insists that this is the loving course of action, explaining in a Fox Atlanta article that it’s all being done to keep the church safe:

“There are people who foolishly say they are covered under the blood. I believe in being covered under the blood but you also have good sense…We were extremely concerned about the elderly members that come to our church. We are concerned about everybody but particularly those. We didn’t want anyone to come on our campus and leave and say they became ill at our church.”

Grove Baptist finally opened for in-person services after 18 months of doing virtual services, having their first service on August 1st, with vaccinations being the condition of reopening.

It’s not just proof of vaccination that is required. The church, which has 3000 members, has instituted further strict protocols. These include requiring any vaccinated people wanting to attend to pre-register, submit to a temperature check at the door, wear a mask at all times, and sign waivers attesting that they never got COVID at church.

The church is also only allowing 200 people at a time to attend, and those attending must social distance 6 feet away. With the new policies in place, the church has terminated staff who refuse to get vaccinated, declining their request for a personal or religious exemption.

By everyone, they mean everyone. Children under the age of 12 who have not been vaccinated have been prohibited from entering and must watch the live stream from home.

Flippin says that at least 5 other churches have reached out to him wanting to do likewise.

“I am so hopeful that they follow the science. Not the politics. Not the theories or gossip.”

The church’s public relations director Miranda McKenzie agreed with Flippin’s sentiment, likewise noting: “We are following the science. It’s much safer to be vaccinated than not to be. We go over and beyond taking safety precautions for our members.”

According to state tracking, 48% of the state has received at least one dose and  39% has been fully vaccinated.


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29 thoughts on “Baptist Church Says Only Vaccinated People May Attend+ Fire Unvaccinated Staff + No Children Allowed

    1. Do you know anything at all? Did Jesus not touch the unclean many times to heal them? He didn’t segregate or turn them away.

      1. It is painfully obvious that ‘Johnnys’ god is the one known as ‘the father of lies.’ Pay him no mind.
        (insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither mentally ill nor a sexual deviant)

  1. Wow, so a morbidly obese elderly racist is going to micromanage other people’s health decisions? Interesting. Maybe he should first take the twinkie out of his own mouth (very poor paraphrase).

  2. When they coffers are depleted, they’ll change their mind. They trust a vaccine, which always have side effects, like all man-made vaccines and medicines. And no I am not against vaccines, just this one. They don’t trust God. He is secondary in their actions.

  3. Must be a church whose pastor is a member of the quick response FEMA clergy. This church is definitely NOT a full gospel body…

  4. That is a church we will definitely never go to, or any other church which implements segregationist policies.

    And these organizations, having embraced segregation all over again, are only an inch away from segregating based on race, religion, and political beliefs.

    “the science” (TM). Good science is so profound, it can never and should never be questioned by inconvenient things like new discoveries and contradictory facts. These people say ‘the science’, but what they are really expressing is ‘the dogma’.

  5. NEVER teust anyone who says something to the effect of “I trust in God (or the blood of Christ) BUT”. The ‘but’ means there is no actual belief.

  6. This church is not a true church and is certainly uneducated on the entire coronavirus/kill shot situation. I’m ashamed to be associated with idiots like this. Wake up you blind sheeple; you are being played!

  7. He sounds like a Pharisee. They would not allow the “unclean” anywhere near them. They condemned Jesus for ministering to the ‘unclean’.

    It would be well for readers to take note that just because a church claims to follow Jesus, or puts the name Jesus Christ into the name of their church, or temple, or ward, it does not mean that they worship and follow Jesus Christ. They may just be using His name to deceive.

  8. A church living in Fear. Isaiah 53:5, 54:17…and many more…do you not believe scripture anymore? You live in the fear of man! So sad. Soo sad.

  9. Y’all need to call home. Claims that vaccinated folks do not get Covid nor spread it, are totally fake news. Numbers of No-vax and vax who get sick are equal, more or less. And those who have had Covid and survived are much more protected than those who get one nearly worthless shot. Still, it’s their church.

    But, hey, folks who aren’t allowed in you can still send checks to the church office. Hee, hee.

  10. Their church, their rules. The pastor is brain-dead, but many churches will be promoting the Mark of the Beast when the time comes. You can’t fix STUPID. God could, but He won’t. He says His people are destroyed because of it.

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