ICYMI: Jeff Durbin Secretly Records Conversations

Zoom warns people that it’s recording – why won’t Apologia Church?

In a recent podcast, JD Hall and Seth Dunn of the Christian Commute recall how Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church secretly recorded the penitent and apologetic conversations of Christians entrusted to him and later released the recordings in response to unrelated issues in an effort to accuse the brethren. Examples include Tim Hurd of the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network and Durbin’s own church members. Pulpit and Pen broke this story back in early 2020.

Falling under the category of hard shepherding, betraying clergy confidence is disqualifying behavior by any “pastor,” for any reason. Apologia and their elders have a track record of acting as a council of popes, rendering judgment from on high and without the involvement of the church body as Matthew 18 requires.

They are also known to issue church members “Be Thou Faithful Unto Death” membership certificates and require cult-like allegiance to Apologia Church over and above any other church. To this date, Durbin has not addressed the issue or shown repentance for such an obviously devious act of cunning and betrayal.

Apologia “Church” remains on the “Do Not Trust” list. We strongly recommend any interaction with them be in the presence of an attorney or at the very least recorded for you and your family’s legal safety and personal reputation.

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11 thoughts on “ICYMI: Jeff Durbin Secretly Records Conversations

  1. Super disappointing. I’ve always found Jeff to be an intelligent and committed teacher of the Gospel and tireless front-line soldier in the battle against abortion.

  2. Tim Hurd got what he deserved in my estimation. That man should have stopped doing what he was doing once he apologized to Jeff. He decided not to and continued to envy Apologia and then make claims that Jeff does not share the gospel, which is ridiculous.

    As to the recordings, yes, Jeff should let people know that he does that before doing it. However, we all make mistakes and sin. If you can find someone perfect, please let me know and I will follow them for Bible teaching. You all at P&P have made some bad missteps at well. However, I understand that we are not perfect and that people will sin and make mistakes. That’s what forgiveness is about (even for Tim Hurd).

    Both you all and Apologia are doing good work for the Lord. You all should be working together rather than against each other. There are actual threats out there against the church. Put aside you petty issues that don’t affect salvation and move on.

  3. Something to add that should ring alarm bells: charismatics use miracle tales to ramp up the spiritual authority of their leaders. They get visions and promptings and supernatural events happen to them. Or so they claim. They present these in their public output in such a way as to present themselves as a key piece in God’s puzzle. God wanted precisely *them* to do this and that. That is a means to gain authority.

    Durbin has at least one such a thing. It is the miracle tale of wonder-boy Augustine, who allegedly had spina-bifida and was miraculously healed before his birth. For the record: I wish the boy nothing but a long and happy life. But wonder-tales accompanied with a personality cult such as Durbin are a very bad sign. Be very wary. The tall tales about Augustine are likely not true.

      1. Yeah right, everything is slander nowadays…. There is this thing called ”burden of proof”. If you tell me you witnessed something miraculous, that burden is on you. If I’m not satisfied with the proof you present, I’m in no way obligated to believe you.

        1. If you are going to call someone a liar, the burden of proof is actually on you. You could state you don’t believe his story, but to call him a liar is taking it a step too far. You don’t actually know that.

        1. Tim, you are using emotional rhetoric here and it doesn’t suit you. I am sure Durbin has lied in his life, just like you have, and I have. However, I have heard his response to your content as well. Neither parties seem completely innocent. There is no doubt Durbin should stop recording people or he should at least tell people he is doing it and let them decide if they still want to have the conversation. However, you saying he doesn’t share the gospel borders on completely ridiculous.

  4. I never heard of Apologia until about six or so months ago when I saw a recommendation on YouTube from Cultish. The video was of a pretty raven-haired young lady that had escaped Bethel, and I found it interesting enough to subscribe to their podcast.

    It didn’t take me long to start to think that there was something rotten in Denmark and I began to feel as if Apologia was little more than a Cult of Personality centered around Durbin. Everything that I’ve heard of and read has confirmed that fact in my mind.

    I firmly believe that Apologia is a cult or is rapidity running down the path to becoming one. Just because Mr. Durbin preaches the true Gospel does not mean that he is incapable of leading a cult; virtually every cult uses truth to lead people into believing nonsense – he’s right about this and that and so the things that sound weird must be true as well! That’s how it works.

    And shouldn’t he be disqualified just on the basis of his lesbian daughter? He’s not managing his household in a Godly manner. He absolutely is disqualified for taping people’s confessions of sin and then using those recordings against them should they dare speak out against him.

    I was extremely disappointed in Chris and Rich of Voice of Reason Radio when they had Dr. White on their podcast a month or two ago. I thought for sure that they would force White to defend his position amongst a cult (or cult-like church) but they just fell over themselves to pronounce him to be so great. The things that I’ve heard and been told leads me to believe that Dr. White is not anywhere near as wonderful as his fans seem to think.

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