81,000 Words!?An Analysis of Steven Furtick’s Last 10 Sermons Should End His Career

An analysis of the 10 hours of ‘Pastor’ Steven Furtick’s sermons has revealed woeful unfaithfulness to the scriptures and a watered-down message of sin and repentance, according to YouTuber Colin Miller.

Using a software program, Miller uploaded nearly 10 hours of audio into an application that could detect and extract all the usages of certain words and phrases from his teaching, enabling him to track his usage and do a word analysis in order to see what sort of things are important, or in this case unimportant to Elevation Church.

I wanted to do a simple experiment to prove whether or not Steven Furtick preaches biblical ideas or simply motivational feel-good words that have no basis in scripture. What I found is that the type of preaching that steven Furtick does is completely foreign to the word he claims to preach from, and believe that I have proven in my research without any hope of refutation that this is the case.

Over a span of 10 sermons, not once did Furtick command people to repent or call anyone out for their sins and the fact that humanity has a sin nature, and not once did he warn people about hell. Instead, Miller explains that the entire time, Furtick “often made it seem like sin was something that happens to you rather than something you actually participate in. He never really saw it as a verb, he only uses it as a noun.”

His analysis reveals that despite the New Testament frequently discussing these concepts, they are wholly absent from his vocabulary.

“What do all three of these concepts have in common- hell, repentance, sin- each of these concepts are entirely biblical but they are not popular in our modern culture. In other words, they’re very off-putting to unbelievers. The fact that Steven Furtick does not use them shows you where his true loyalty lies. He is not holding firmly to the word of God or its major precepts, he is holding firmly to the culture and its opinion. You can tell by the words he uses and the words he purposely refuses…

He calls people out of their sin zero times, but he uses the word ‘love’ 71 times. He warns about hell zero times, but he uses the word ‘heaven’ almost 20 times. He calls people to repent zero times, but he uses the word ‘faith’ 88 times…

If his goal is to tell people how to be saved, shouldn’t he mention at least one time, in 10 hours of teaching, what exactly they’re being saved from?”

Miller concludes with this warning and call to action

“Stay far away from this deceitful man, Steven Furtick, who rejects God’s word for his own popularity. Send this video to anyone you know who enjoys elevation church or who listens to Steven Furtick. I cannot stress this enough! We must spread the word to save these people from this unbiblical movement.”

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5 thoughts on “81,000 Words!?An Analysis of Steven Furtick’s Last 10 Sermons Should End His Career

  1. But look at Stevie’s wardrobe – do you wear $3,600 sneakers? He’s obviously a great teacher.

  2. Just drove past his one of his campuses here in the Charlotte area this afternoon, the one converted from a movie theater in Huntersville, NC.

    I can tell you he’s back to packing them at another one of his other campuses in Matthews, NC that I drive past every Sunday morning on the way to my church. Awful lot of folks have itching ears, don’t they?

    Whenever I have spoken to someone about my concerns about Furtick, you can’t believe how people who attend his so-called church defend him, almost as if it’s a cult-like organization, which I shouldn’t be surprised about. does no one have discernment?

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