Miracles as a Subscription Service? Only $1 for the first month, then…

A new business venture is offering to ship “transformation, healing, miracles, prophecy and heaven on earth revival into your world” and the cost of that is just $1, at least for the first month.

Healing Room Global is an “Apostolic and Prophetic Network” that has begun offering a service that “includes everything you need to become proficient in the supernatural realms of God in every sphere of life,” and which will bring about “signs and wonders” on the daily. The current promo is a $1 trial for the first month, and then $15.95/month thereafter. If you sign up for the full year right off the bat, you get a “free” copy of a demonic bible.

Further investigation reveals that this is not a legitimate promo, because the timer on this website informs that you have only 18 hours and 27 minutes to claim your spot in order to qualify for the promo, but rather the timer resets every time you refresh the webpage, showing the duplicity of the game even before you sign up.

The scheme includes an interactive private Facebook group, monthly video teachings, a live question and answer time every month, and will feature teaching from New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) false teachers like Bethel’s Bill Johnson, “apostle/prophet” Randy Clark, Johnny Enlow, Graham Cooke, Sharon Murphy, and others.

The promises they make are manifest:

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to grow in heavenly realities – right here on earth with the Global Network Training School! Bring miracles, signs and wonders into your city and every sphere of life with the Healing Rooms Global Network! Connect with leaders and get equipped with teaching unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Ironically, this whole thing is being put on by Healing Room Ministries, which advertises a network of 3000 healing rooms and miracle centers across the globe. A quick perusal of their site shows they have a pandemic policy, which states, “Due to COVID-19, the hours and service of each Healing Room may differ. To inquire on hours, contact your local Healing Room, or search here for the nearest Healing Room near you.”

We looked into a few of the healing centers, such as Guelph Healing Center, Abby Healing Room, and others. Wouldn’t you know it, a suspicious amount of them shut down and went to “Zoom only” during the pandemic, or timed their hours of operation and whether or not they were shut down according to what wave they were in, exactly like to Bethel Church shut down their healing rooms and School of Supernatural Ministry when healing was needed most.

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3 thoughts on “Miracles as a Subscription Service? Only $1 for the first month, then…

  1. Swaths of Pentecostalism are dissolving into the New Age movement.

    These things remind me of something I read years ago-don’t remember where- about the “filioque controversy” between the eastern and western churches. According to what I read the eastern church rejected “proceeds from the Father *and the Son*” because they claimed it would create the heretical idea of sort of Trinitarian hierarchy, with the Father, Son, and Spirit lined up from top to bottom in people’s perception. And sure enough they point to some parts of western Christianity where great stress is placed on the Father and Son and the Spirit is just sort of a third wheel that doesn’t get much attention as proof they were right. I remember thinking that seems right.

    Well you know how Prov 18:17 says the first seems right until the the other makes his case. The western/Roman church argued that if “and the Son” were left off eventually people would claim that they came to the Father directly through the Spirit, without the intercession of the Son. It would create the idea that there were two paths to God, one through the Son, and one through the Spirit. Once I understood more I switched sides. The western church was right.

    I recount this just to observe that it seems to me this is happening as the charismatic churches meld with New Ageism. To be sure, the “Christian New Age” movement still maintains a type of Jesus, an “ascended master” or just a moral guru type. But they claim access to the divine through the Spirit only. They don’t need Jesus as a deity; they have ‘gifts’ healing, prophecy, etc given directly by the Spirit. (They still need Jesus for salvation; we’ll see how long that lasts.) This is deceptive of course. Any access to the spirit world that doesn’t go through Jesus is either a hoax or demonic deception.

  2. $1 a month for miracles! What a bargain! Then again people used to get 40 pieces of silver for their souls, now they’re paying for it.

  3. I wonder if they would accept payments, as God has not given me the dollar I’ve been praying for to buy these miracles.

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