SBC Presidential Hopeful Destroys Russell Moore in Devastating Video

With Dr. Russell Moore’s ‘leaked’ bombshell letter being released and conveniently timed to be of a kick in the gonads of the Southern Baptist Convention President hopeful Pastor Mike Stone, accusing him of turning a blind eye to sex abuse during his time as Executive Committee chair, this scorched earth tactic has paved the way for CRT-enabling final boss Albert Mohler to wrest the denomination away from conservatives and into his progressive possession.

Stone, backed by a sea of raging supporters who are now seeing and saying out loud what we have been for nearly a decade (and getting labeled divisive over it), took to his social media to lay into the departed Russell Moore in an open rebuke of his character and intentions, declaring in a damning indictment:

The letter itself is incredible. That is, it is without credibility.

Think about it for just a moment; here’s a man who’s the highest positioned ethicist in the Southern Baptist Convention – at least he was until just a few days ago. And if you take his letter at face value, then he has known about cover-up, intimidation, bullying, stonewalling, barriers, pressure, all of these sorts of things against victims of sex abuse.

He’s known about lies and backroom deals and corruption and he’s known about it not for days or weeks or months. He’s literally known about it supposedly for years while he has not breathed a word, meanwhile republishing a book called The Courage to Stand.

Fact check: true. Stone continues:

Nobody who knows me believes that I would ever be a part of trying to cover up sexual abuse or silence its victims. That again is an outrageous lie. And again I don’t use that lightly toward anyone, but nobody who knows me would believe those accusations.

And when I talk about people who know me, let me be clear; that does not include Russ Moore. He has never, though claiming the high moral ground in this issue, he has never, not one time in a private phone call email text message visit letter, he has never not one single time contacted me privately and personally to confront me about a sin that he thought that I was committing, to caution me about an error that he thought that I was making or to warn me about a misstep that he thought I was about to lead the southern baptist convention executive committee into. No, rather he chooses these guerrilla tactics, to use some of his own terminology.

Part of the problem we have here, is we have a generation of leaders who are raised in a participation trophy era that think that if you disagree with them about anything that you’re attacking them, and that they’re enduring some kind of trauma or psychological terror.

Once again, this is not the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. And while I’m on this point, the outlandish nature of the ungodly, unbiblical nature of Russell’s slander against me on this point, is only rivaled by the outrageous nature of pastors over on SBC Twitter. Pastors who hear one side of the story and immediately call for me to be removed from any office and banned permanently from any service in the Southern Baptist Convention…


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6 thoughts on “SBC Presidential Hopeful Destroys Russell Moore in Devastating Video

  1. Some years ago, there was much controversy with the family of Churches called Sovereign Grace Ministries. All Mohler was bff with Maheney, the head of Sovereign Grace. Much abuse was documented regarding these churches and that Maheney was part of the cover up. Sovereign Grace at one point became Southern Baptist and moved to Louisville. There was connection between the seminary and Sovereign Grace, before they joined the Southern Baptists and when everything blew up, Mohler would stand by Maheney. Finally, when Mohler started moving away from Complementarianism to Woke, he spoke out against them. It was that very Olympian who finally made it impossible to ignore Sovereign Grace. When I heard about the accusations, it made me think of the Sovereign Grace debacle and all the prominent evangelicals who supported the movement, no matter what was exposed. All has been documented in the site Sovereign Grace Survivor, Thou art the Man and other places.

  2. This is the remake of a play I saw three years ago. The actors are exactly the same. Russell Moore. Ben Cole at the Baptist Blogger. Sarah Pulliam Bailey at the Washington Post. The plot is exactly the same. Delayed reporting of alleged sexual misconduct from years ago. Not seeking adjudication in a court of law. Not dealing with the matter through proper criminal charges. Only making it public right before a major Southern Baptist political decision. Only seeking to sway the court of public opinion through the skillful manipulation of the mass media. To say I never cared for the original play would be an understatement. The remake has nothing better to offer.

  3. I think this is just the libs version of what’s called an “October surprise” in politics. Moore did his part to sway the election. Ignore it. At best it’s an inflammatory rehash of something that’s being misrepresented. At worst, it’s just made up to influence an election, the liberal churches’ version of “Russia Russia Russia!”

  4. I’m an Independent Baptist so I’m obviously not part of the SBC, and I have no idea why anyone would remain of a part of it nowadays. I think it’s safe to say that the SBC itself stopped being Christian years ago. Every bible-believing, washed in the Blood Christian and church should get out of there like yesterday.

  5. Ron, many of us would like to leave the SBC. I researched the Independent Baptist churches in my area and visited some of them. I visited the best one in my area for about 3 months. However, it became obvious that there were much worse problems at the best Independent Baptist church in my area. Therefore, we had to stay at our SBC church. I believe this is the predicament of many others like myself.

    1. You’re right Chris. Some of the independent Baptist churches out there are barely Baptist, at least not anything I recognize. (FYI- I’m not talking about formal worship liturgies. As someone who spent a few years in a liturgical tradition I’m fine with formal liturgy if that’s what the congregation wants. I’m talking about bizarre orthodoxy and church governance.)

      I waffle back and forth on the best way I think Baptists should deal with the SBC. Maybe the best way is to influence our churches to just stop giving to the SBC. Hold the money hostage until the SBC is transparent and changes leadership direction to reflect the majority of Southern Baptists. Or influence the church itself to leave the convention. That way members still have their churches intact and don’t have to shop around among some of the more bizarre church options that call themselves independent Baptists.

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