Tim Keller’s Wretched Tweet Declares that God’s Grace is ‘Reckless’

Reckless: adjective. 1) (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.) Marked by lack of proper caution careless of consequences

When Tim Keller, founder of The Gospel Coalition and pastor of Redeemer Christian Church in New York City isn’t saying that every white person is complicit in creating the narrative that black people are dangerous and that if you have white skin, you’re involved in injustice and are part of the problem, he’s tweeting out stuff like this, which is way worse than the usual content that can be found on our Tim Keller Tweet Generator:

This morsel of especially bad theology which sounds like it could be ripped from the lyrics of a chart-topping Hillsong worship album, prompted JD Hall to respond:

That pretty much sums it up.


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7 thoughts on “Tim Keller’s Wretched Tweet Declares that God’s Grace is ‘Reckless’

  1. I have reported this website for misinformation and domestic terrorism

  2. It is amazing how so many of the Christian celebrities can repeat things and platform people and ideas that are so far removed from Christian orthodoxy… just because a song or a phrase became popular.

    Greg Laurie platformed that band to sing that song during the Harvest Crusade outreach, and then the following year Laurie stated God’s “wreckless love” twice during Harvest in his comments while on stage. Do any of these Christian leaders bother looking at a dictionary or Bible before repeating popular lyrics or popularized phrases?

    And then of course come all the defenders to defend the indefensible because they don’t want the celebrities and their fans to get offended. Offending God seems to be of secondary importance among all of them.

  3. Tim Keller long ago decided to please men rather than God.
    He is a legend in his own mind.
    He is wise in his own eyes.
    The world thinks well of him.
    He professes himself to be wise.
    The wisdom of Tim is foolishness to God.
    He is a philosopher of this age.

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