Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter, RZIM CEO, Admits she Made Serious Errors as she ‘Fully Trusted’ her Father

(Premier Christian) Sarah Davis, CEO of RZIM, the apologetics ministry founded by Ravi Zacharias, has apologized for not initially believing the sexual abuse victims of her late father saying she made “serious errors that only furthered deep wounds.”

Speaking in a video message shared on RZIM’s Facebook page, Davis spoke about her involvement in her father’s ministry saying at the outset it wasn’t something she intended to become part of despite her “deep admiration and love for my father.” Although a Christian since childhood, around 10 years ago she said she came to believe that “God loved me” and she felt a calling to lead the ministry. 

Speaking about her role within RZIM she said it was one of the greatest blessings of her life but went on to talk about the brokenness of the last few years.Get the latest Christian World News stories via email SIGN ME UPSee our privacy notice

Referring to serious allegations that first arose in 2017 and then in 2020, Davis said she was now “grieved” at her initial response to disbelieve victims and that she should have immediately called for an investigation.  She added that it hadn’t been her goal to cover up the “sins of her father,” who died from cancer in May 2020, to further a ministry.

“I believed this man, my father, whom I loved and trusted more than anyone else, could not have done these things … But I was wrong.

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Chantalle Edmunds and posted at Premiere Christian Radio.

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12 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter, RZIM CEO, Admits she Made Serious Errors as she ‘Fully Trusted’ her Father

  1. I do not believe her. She has thrown her father under the bus and has used non-Christians for investigations that were shoddy and faulty. There is absolutely no evidence supporting one accuser’s claims.

    1. There’s such a slippery slope to woke-town. So strange for Pulpit and Pen (whoops! I mean, Protestia) to platform this lady’s #metoo and egalitarian rant, when all of this crap happens after a man is dead and can’t defend himself, and through all of the “investigations” I’ve read, I’ve not seen the Biblically required ‘two or more witnesses’ for any accusation. This is the problem when you are more inclined toward autonomy (as JD Hall is) rather than theonomy. See, because God actually decreed a just way to handle all this, and because it isn’t being handled that way, now JD is slowly becoming Russel Moore.

      1. You must have trouble reading then, because the investigations were done and evidence was collected from a body of individuals (more than 2). Also, whether his daughter is liberal or not is irrelevant to what Ravi did. Your entire comment is full of emotion and irrationality.

        1. You do realize that “two or more witnesses” applies to EACH accusation, and not to the overall number of accusations, right? Cause it seems like you missed that.

          1. I have said that on my website theoarchaeology when I did my series on defending Mr. Zacharias. The investigation was shoddy and done by unbelievers who did ot follow God’s ways

  2. I don’t understand why everyone thought Ravi was so good at apologetics. He was good at philosophy and story-telling. If you listen to his question and answer sessions with people, he hardly ever directly answers a person’s query. It’s just mindless rambling and story-telling about how he sat with the King of Persia one time or the President of such and such college or had dinner with the CEO of such and such company. He was a gifted speaker, but he was not a good apologist in my opinion. Yes, sometimes he would give a great answer, but most of the time it was just rabbit trails of verbosity that just left people more confused than when they started.

    1. A man’s teaching/doctrine is always an indication of their heart. Ravi did not properly defend the gospel, rather he defended false teachers and false doctrine.

  3. Heard him dance around the subject of whether Roman Catholics are Christians or not during a Q&A session I think at it Ligonier Conference years ago and that pretty much told me everything about Zacharias.

    I remember him saying something like you can be a bad Roman Catholic but still be a Christian. Why would the Holy Spirit allow that person to stay in the Roman Catholic Church and not give them enough light to see they had to leave like he did me as well as the Masonic Lodge.

    Staying in the Roman church and taking part in the blasphemous Mass Sunday after Sunday (and sometimes more than that) over the rest of a person’s life is unthinkable if they’ve been regenerated and thereby given “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

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