Bethel Pastor Claims Christians Have Doppelganger ‘Angel Twins’ that Buy Strangers Pizza

As if you didn’t need more proof that the crazy-as-rats-in-a-coffee-can charismatics at Bethel church have lost their minds and are routinely teaching bizarre and perverse doctrines, one of their pastors is now claiming that Christians have doppelganger “angels twins” that look just like them that flitter throughout the world doing random acts of kindness and benevolence. [Great, does that mean I don’t have to? -Ed.]

Eddie Tait, Associate Leader of Bethel Austin, told the congregation during a May 2 service:

I’m sitting in Nebraska, we’re at a pastor’s meeting, and this woman comes up to me at lunch and she says, ‘I just want to let you know how much your church has blessed us.’

And I’m thinking, ‘oh that’s awesome. Shane and I were speaking, we must have really blessed her in this meeting, that’s great,’ and she’s like, ‘about a few years ago…I was in Amarillo, Texas, I was at a prophetic conference, and during the break for dinner a group of people from Bethel Austin came up to me and said ‘we’re kidnapping you and taking you to dinner.’

And she’s like, ‘Why?’ They’re like, ‘God highlighted you.’ And she said they took her to a pizza place; she’s a vegetarian…and the person asked, ‘Hey, what do you want to eat?’ And she said, ‘Well, I’m a vegetarian,’ and they’re like, ‘Great we’re going to eat what you’re eating because we want to honor you.’

And so she goes, ‘I’ve never felt more loved and honored by a group of people…and I wasn’t at church I was with people at a pizza place.’

I was like, ‘Wow, do you know any of, you recognize the name of anybody?’ She goes ‘well the one was Joaquin…’ So I call him, and I relay this story and he says, ‘Uh I haven’t been in Amarillo since 2004.‘ Like, she said this was like two or three years ago.

We start talking and he says, ‘You know, last week I was praying about my angel that used to be seen, and I was telling God I haven’t had that happen in a while.’

I want more of those stories. And I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna find out if this was his angel.’ So I hang up with him and I pull up a Facebook, and I go over and I say, ‘Hey, is this the guy?’ And she goes, ‘Oh yeah, that’s him. That’s Joaquin.’

Not content to share one lie, he gives a few more examples, but not before telling the congregants to “not try to use the word of God to discredit an encounter of God” by telling them to approach his stories with openness, “Come at it with a heart to disprove instead to receive.”

Of course, there are so many questions. Do we likewise have evil demonic twins doing random acts of chaos and mischief? What if our angels get caught on CCTV at the scene of a crime? Do they have the same fingerprints we do?

The fact that this pastor is teaching that it’s completely normal for gangs of angels that look just like their human counterparts to be engaged in these activities is more of the same nonsense, and more of the same poisonous fruit coming out of Bethel church.

h/t to Salt and Light for the video

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