Op-Ed: John MacArthur is NOT The Spurgeon of Our Day

Is MacArthur the Spurgeon of our day? I’ve heard it said, but no.

MacArthur’s best attribute is his unwavering commitment to truth and scriptural exposition over many decades. I’ve seen nothing in his material that is terribly profound. Rarely have his words taken me off my feet. He does not, as Paisley said, “Make every sermon a thunderbolt and every word a lightning strike.”

But MacArthur is like a compass and North Star, faithful to point in the right direction. He’s like the old MagLight or Nokia 3310; it will always work and do it’s job, does not break, and will probably survive the apocalypse.

MacArthur’s preaching is like a bland porridge that, despite its humble appeal, will sustain your life and fill your belly. It won’t make the food-porn network, but neither does momma’s cooking. And this world is fed by momma’s cooking, not Foie gras and bouillabaisse with a cranberry reduction.

MacArthur is no Spurgeon, for Spurgeon could only be replaced by a thousand preachers. But MacArthur is certainly a Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones, steady as a rock amidst shifting sand. His work exemplifies the plum line looking backward and the astrolabe charting our path forward.

MacArthur is like grandpa, who fought in two world wars and a jungle conflict, who strangled Charlie with piano wire but still carries Werther’s Original to spoil his grandkids. Sure, he tells kids to get off his lawn, but he planted that grass during the ‘31 Dust Bowl when it was just sand and thistles.

MacArthur-the-random-pastor could not become MacArthur-the-living-legend in a year, or ten years, or thirty.

It took 80.

Let that be a lesson. Steadfastness is more desirable than pizzazz. Jazz hands can’t replace a surgeon’s steadiness. Flair and fads aren’t the same as faithfulness, and don’t bear the same results.

Pastor and Publisher JD Hall

9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: John MacArthur is NOT The Spurgeon of Our Day

  1. MacArthur is a fascist

    Does he stand with gays, vaccines, Israel or BLM?

    He does not.

    He’s a Trumptard

    1. Do you expect less from a pastor who preaches straight
      (no pun intended) from the words of Christ!
      It appears your problem is with our holy righteous Lord of Lords whose name is Jesus Christ the King of Kings.
      You suppress the truth in your unrighteousness which is why you cannot tolerate truth. Romans 1:18-32

    2. Why would any child of the Lord’s stand with cursed Sodom? Or the neo-Marxist BLM? Romans 1 says sodomy is a vile affection, a mark of God’s particular disapproval on certain individuals.

      BLM, as a Marxist entity, is a device of the “scarlet-coloured beast”… that “was, is not and yet is”, who is admired (“wondered” at) by all those who behold it whose names are not written in the book of life from before the foundation of the world). Nobody can be a committed leftist and the Lord’s child as well.

  2. Dear Johnny, you know what the Apostle Paul says about unbelievers…they’re stupid and depraved, pretty much unable to take hold of the truth. I encourage you to repent and believe. MacArthur is far from perfect, but not siding with sodomites and Burn, Loot, and Murder isn’t one of his faults. I’ll leave Israel and vaccines for another day.

  3. According to the detractors of this article, all you need is love? Love for the world, love for the pride of life, loving the sinner and their sins.
    Sounds like unbelief in the Old Gospel to me!

  4. MacArthur has gotten rich off the backs of working people for years. He preaches a gospel of works which is no gospel. Nothing to commend there. Read your bible. May God open yours to understand the truth.

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