Charismatic Pastor Sings Darkest and Bloodiest Worship Song We’ve Ever Heard

In a song sure to send shivers down one’s spine, a charismatic prophet sang a prophetic worship song over a congregation, starting somewhat benign before making a hard left turn into very, very, very dark territory.

David Herzog, the singer of said song, is a popular charismatic speaker and is the founder of David Herzog Miniseries. For years he hosted a TV show called the Glory Invasion and now travels to New Apostolic Reformation conferences as a popular speaker, being well-known for insisting that in order for “heaven to open up,” people need to tithe to show their faith and to “get ‘er open.”

Near the end of a recent message, however, Herzog busts out into an impromptu song, explaining that by singing and decreeing these things, they will create their own “glory cloud” so long as they sing their own song in the spirit. He says not to “logically and analytically” try to process what he says to do, but rather to “just do it, and think about it later.”

Then, the song!

New realms of glory in this place
New realms of glory are in this place
I see the swirls of glory. I see the angels going round and around
and around and around the throne

Singing holy holy holy, in his glory glory glory
I feel like I’m walking on streets of gold
Walking in a new realm. Walking in a new realm
Walking in a new realm I’ve never been before

Moses’ rod turns into a snake and eats up the magician’s rod snake.
Who’s your daddy now? Who’s your daddy now?

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Some heads are gonna roll
Because Jesus so delicately, lovingly, sweetly, tenderly,
decapitates my enemy
So lovingly, so tenderly, so delicately decapitates my enemy
He’s so lovingly

As I worship him he starts loving on me
He starts decapitating my enemy
While he was loving on me
I didn’t know he was decapitating my enemy

I was just hugging him and loving on him and receiving his love and affirmation.
I heard a noise. I wasn’t sure what it was
I think it was a head that rolled

And suddenly my enemies were gone
Nowhere to be seen
Cause I was standing in the glory

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5 thoughts on “Charismatic Pastor Sings Darkest and Bloodiest Worship Song We’ve Ever Heard

  1. That’s more metal than all the good 80s metal bands put together. Of course it is even more ridiculous than all of them put together.

    And I guarantee no church who had him scheduled for a worship workshop will cancel after seeing this…

    1. I’d love to make a metal version of it, but Herzog could claim copyright. He owns the rights to those lyrics, after all.

  2. This is truly disturbing. Who watches this man and believes anything that comes out of his mouth? What a mockery of God. Sadly some will see this individual and believe he represents believers.

  3. The saints actually following this deluded, narcissistic boob need serious counseling in the gifts of discernment.

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