Police Issue 26 Churchgoers The Steepest Known Fines in North America for Attending Services

Police in Nova Scotia have fined 26 churchgoers a total of $2,422 each for attending an “illegal faith gathering” on Sunday. This is believed to be the highest value of fines handed out to individual parishioners in North America since the pandemic began.

Officers were called to Weston Christian Fellowship Church in Weston, N.S., where they found the service in progress. Nova Scotia has one of the strictest rules in Canada, where it is illegal to have any in-person church service, irrespective of the number of people or the space it is being done in. RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Chris Marshall explains:

Twenty-six people were charged in the event, as a result of the gathering, and then the organization itself that was hosting the gathering was also charged. Basically, anybody that was over the age of 16 was issued a fine. There were some children and things there, but the children weren’t issued fines.

Not only were the congregants charged, but the church itself was charged as a corporation and given a $11,622 fine. In total more than $74,000 in fines were issued.

Naturally, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health Robert Strang was supportive of the decision, given that it is the result of his own orders and policies.

We recognize the importance of faith services, of worship. But also recognize that right now, there’s a need to do that in ways that don’t bring people together, and the vast majority of our faith leaders understand and support that. It’s disappointing that this happened, and I hope people understand that we’re not doing this because we want to, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep people safe.

Nova Scotia has a population of a million people and has had 71 deaths, the average age which is 80 years old.

[Editor’s note: Speaking as a Canadian, I have to wonder where all the brown shirts are. When did we wake up in Nazi Germany?]


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37 thoughts on “Police Issue 26 Churchgoers The Steepest Known Fines in North America for Attending Services

  1. Vile and evil. Our once-friendly neighbors to the north cannot go much lower than they already have. Saying it yet again- Canada is 10-15 years from executing Christians.

    1. I don’t know if it’ll be that long. Check out the article on this site “Pastor who chased out gestapo police from church faces new warrant.” The warrant for pastor Pawlowski authorizes the police to use any means necessary to arrest the pastor and I think, anyone in the church who isn’t abiding by “health regulations.” It authorized the police to use any “reasonable” force necessary. All the police have to say to the judge is that a pastor or church goer was resisting “health orders” and they had to shoot. It was necessary to maintain “public safety during a pandemic.” The way it’s going now the first martyrs will be “necessary police shootings” or “accidental deaths during arrest.” But if someone is talking about executions in gulags and re-education camps, maybe that’ll be 10 years.

      The US might not be too far behind. Keep your eye on what happens with the evangelicals, that’s the first group they’ll go after, the group they hate the most and perceive as conservative voters. Liberal NGOs already chase down and harass evangelical wedding vendors. So far the government hasn’t, but they may at any time. It’ll probably start with lawsuits to eliminate churches. (The government has harassed a couple of groups of nuns, and the biden admin plans to continue that. But other than a few religious orders being sued I don’t think the government will bother Catholics and main liners much. Heck, most of them side with the government. I don’t hear bishops yelling about the govt suing nuns. The bishops plan to sit the ‘great reset’ out. If a conservative Catholic gets caught up in the proceedings, well that’s their own problem.) That’s my prediction, today anyway. If we can get a gop admin again we may get a reprieve of a few years.

      1. Yes, I’ve already heard nibblings around the edges, saying things like evangelicals are disease spreaders because of their beliefs regarding covid, etc. It’s just a matter of time. Most of the “pastors” are hirelings and go-along-to=get-alongs, thinking that if they keep their heads down and their mouths shut, that the blade will pass them by. It won’t. They’ll just lower the blade.

    2. You’re an optimist. I think Canada is a whole lot closer to executing Christians. I would expect the United States isn’t far behind, maybe even closer to executing Christians than Canada.

  2. Are the strip clubs open? Inquiring minds want to know. If so, no more lawyers, no more negotiation. It is time for armed revolt.

      1. That’s the best question I’ve heard so far.

        As for the fines…Try and collect them.

        1. Mail them a check for 1 cent. Write on the check “This is for full payment of my fine.” If they cash it, the fine is paid in full.

  3. Governments around the world have become corrupt to the core. When they start attacking Christians like this, big things are about to happen. Yes, they are doing damage to freedom as they close Church buildings, but the damage that God will do to these rich men of the earth will cause them to cry out for he rocks and hills to fall upon them.

  4. From the US Midwest. My church open since April 2020, legally. Number of members attending who have had COVID…zero. Number of member’s family who got COVID zero got it from the from congregation because those family members are either not attending during pandemic or were not attending before. We did social distancing of 6 ft and masks until April of 2021 when we were allowed to resume full capacity services and masks recommended but not required per our governor. I still wear a mask. No known COVID cases reported in the congregation since April.

      1. Good for you..Im not trying to be self righteous but the Bible says its slavery to wear mask , God gave us a mouth to breath..Not to Submit to man. There is a virus but the world is not about a Pandemic its a PLANDEMIC…..and its to get the world to submit to the NEW WORLD ORDER until Jesus comes and get us before The Tribulation

  5. What is there left to say, our government has declared war upon our own people. If you Christians don’t soon wake up you will eradicated because you believe turning the other cheek is next to Godliness. Only idiots believe what you do. At least one of Jesus’ disciples cut off the ear of a soldier who came to arrest Jesus. Yes he stopped them from doing more, and he DIED FOR HIS EFFORTS. His disciples could have taken out the soldiers, but relented when Jesus raised his hand to stop them.

    Arm yourselves and make law enforcement understand that you will not be intimidated nor arrested for worshiping as you please, where you please, the state be damned. AT SOME POINT WE HAVE TO STOP THIS AND IF YOU NEED THE ASSISTANCE OF PATRIOTS, THEN SAY SO AND THEY’LL BE AT YOUR SERVICE. Remember the Bundy Ranch affair when patriots stopped the government from stealing his cattle in a stand off because both sides were fully armed !!! Remember my friends, you cannot stop Satan with fire but you certainly can with bullets !!!

    1. So people should listen to you, not Jesus, or they’re idiots?
      Bit narcissistic aren’t you?

  6. I would say, “Lock me up!” As it would cost them more to put me in their jails, as to the total cost of their fines. And when they release me, demanding their “pound of flesh”, I would tell them, “No, I do not support a government that does not support it’s people.”

  7. No need to pay fines or send money to pay fines. Send money to the organizations funding the lawyers representing these heroes.

    Both Rebel News and Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF)

  8. Please give us phone numbers of the police department carrying out this order and the ONE who made the order, so we can call and let them know what we think..

  9. “… I hope people understand that we’re not doing this because we want to, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep people safe…” HORSE MANURE!!!

  10. RCMP,canadas SATANIC WOLFPACK…THE CITY,COUNTY,STATE,AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT POLICE GANGS IN AMERICA,..ALL WORK FOR SATAN…most western countries police gangs are the minions of SATAN,the NAZI brown shirts,OH,THE REST OF THE WORLD SEES WHATS GOING ON IN THE DUMBEST COUNTRY ON EARTH,and they see it as an oppotunity to take all of north america down,THE LORD HAS WARNED OF THE COMING ATTACK,but hes so hated by everyone, they refuse to listen,OUR LORD told the men to stand up long ago,they refused,HES told the people to get ready, JUDGEMENT IS COMING,they laugh,they don’t believe it,THE PEOPLE OF NORTH AMERICA ARE SO CORRUPT NOW,.HES GOING TO WIPE NORTH AMERICA OFF THE MAP,they don’t believe anything he says,HE said, I’LL ONLY SAVE A FEW,BUT ITS BETTER THEN LOSING THEM ALL..5% of the christian men will be saved,and only 10% of the christian women…the rest will be lost to SATAN…THIS IS HOW IT WILL SHAKE OUT AT THE END OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION,only a few will be saved,the rest loved the government more then THE LORD…



  12. Rome is making her move. She has been planning this for years! Just like the Nazis were a Roman catholic takeover of Europe the same is happening today all over the world! Just look at where all the world leaders are educated where they’ve gone to school what is their faith!

    1. They were educated in Catholic schools to get their pedigrees for easy street, but never absorbed true Catholic teaching – we remnant Catholics have always seen through these opportunists, although naive clergy haven’t.

    1. AMEN and same here! NEVER BOW DOWN to a LIE… Anyone whom complies to the LIES of the MASK; bow down MEDICAL-TYRANNY and COMMUNISM– FORCED COMMUNAL HEALTH! USA is based on INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES, HEALTH CHOICES, and Dr-Patient relationship…

      FORCED MASKS DENIES INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES and PRESUME one is GUILTY of being sick–deny one’s right to the 4th and 5th amendment! Everyone is guilty of Covid before even having any symptoms… it is MEDICAL TYRANNY!

  13. Good for you..Im not trying to be self righteous but the Bible says its slavery to wear mask , God gave us a mouth to breath..Not to Submit to man. There is a virus but the world is not about a Pandemic its a PLANDEMIC…..and its to get the world to submit to the NEW WORLD ORDER until Jesus comes and get us before The Tribulation

  14. If you need any sniper rifles and machine guns, let us Americans know. We can conduct our own “Fast and Furious” to get you Canadian Christians what you need.

  15. We Christians are hated by most cops, because we have a Higher Authority Who isn’t authoritarian, and, because cops have led immoral personal lives that can’t bear the revealing light of Christ. They like to ‘take the knee’ for false prophets.
    Masks don’t stop this virus, or any other. They are bacteria blockers. Why masks? Obedience muzzles to visibly ascertain the level of compliance to dodgy restrictions. Lockdowns haven’t worked, and the experimental mRNA gene therapy’s endless injections and ‘variant’ boosters are for a 99% recoverable version of the flu? Sinister brainwashing and fear mongering 24-7 have left LCD screen junkies begging for this ‘quick fix’, so that they can regain some of their stolen rights, er, permissions, in this neo-authoriarian society.

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