SBC Attempts Replacing a Conservative with Pastor who Praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore

  • J.D. Greear’s Committee on Nominations fires conservative Executive Committee member. Replacement praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore and ERLC head Russell Moore.
  • Executive Committee nominee claims we should not doubt pro-abortion fanatic Barack Obama’s ‘knowledge of the Bible and of the Spirit who authored it.’
  • Precedent shows conservatives have a chance to reverse at the Annual Meeting.

(Capstone Report) In a breach of Southern Baptist Convention protocol, J.D. Greear’s SBC Nominations Committee refused to re-nominate Dr. Tom Tucker of South Carolina. Dr. Tucker is the current Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and was willing and eligible to serve another term. In Dr. Tucker’s position, Greear’s handpicked committee nominated a pastor who praises Barack Obama and Beth Moore.

The nominating committee was made aware that Dr. Tucker was available for another term; however, the committee decided to force a replacement on the Southern Baptist Convention, according to multiple sources close to the SBC Executive Committee.

This is a violation of precedent.

The last time such a move was attempted by a nominating committee was…

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Editor’s note. This article was originally published at the Capstone Report

1 thought on “SBC Attempts Replacing a Conservative with Pastor who Praises Barack Obama, Beth Moore

  1. It’s such a shock that churches are fleeing from the SBC like Antifa fleeing from job applications. I’ll certainly never understand why the SBC is basically on life support.

    Sarcasm, obviously. And someone needs to just go ahead and pull the plug on the SBC’s life support systems and get it over with. They’re too far gone and will never repent of their apostasy.

    As the People say, Go Woke and Go Broke.

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