UCC Pastrix Makes ‘Queer Clergy Trading Cards’

A United Church of Christ pastrix (because there’s no such thing as a woman pastor) has created a collection of Queer Clergy Trading Cards, designed to celebrate the acceptance of homosexuality and progressive inclusivity within the church by highlighting several of the denomination’s LGBTQ clergy. A ‘who’s who’ of heretics, they explain that:

“Queer clergy look cool on these virtual “trading cards.” Like the more familiar baseball trading cards, each card combines a portrait photo with written info about the individual. Queer Clergy Trading Cards list each person’s strength (“super-power”), weakness (“kryptonite”) and their “walk-out song” for making a grand entrance. Some clergy are also given clever job titles such as “butch pastor,” ”femminster,” “renegade priest,” “spiritual directrix” and “inclusivator.””

The Brainchild of Rev. Chris Davies, QCTC is a 501(c)3, where profit from the sale of the cards is directed towards queer and trans youth organizations.

Their tagline? “Collect us all Jesus did.”

According to her bio, Davies is a “queer femme, a local beer enthusiast, and a creative networker of communities. She is passionate about justice and Jesus, and is the founder and curator of the Queer Clergy Trading Cards, a project bringing visibility to queer clergy, using humor and irreverence to help change the conversation highlighting the common awe (and absurdities) in faith work.”

There are currently 110 cards to “collect” and they run at 25$ for a 50 pack, a 12 pack for $10, or 3$ per individual card, for those who simply must have them all.

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5 thoughts on “UCC Pastrix Makes ‘Queer Clergy Trading Cards’

  1. The UCC has been a Jesus-hating freak show for a long time, but those cards are good in that they serve as a warning to anyone considering the denomination. If you still go there after seeing those, then you have no excuse. You are getting what you want — the world, and lots of it.

  2. It looks like the devil figured out rainbows are more effective marketing than the inverted crosses and pentagrams. I really don’t think the “meetings” these people talk about are conceptually different from the satanic black mass.

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