Televangelist Pat Robertson Hopes Derek Chauvin Dies in Prison

Televangelist Pat Robertson, 91, the living embodiment of the expression “creeping decrepitude has finally crept up on me,” took to the airwaves to criticize Kim Porter in the accidental shooting death of Duante Wright. Using some props, he demonstrated on air the difference between a plastic gun and a taser, while at the same time offering critical comments for the Law Enforcement and asserting that the officer involved in the George Floyd death ought to be “buried under the prison.”

Robertson is no stranger to self-contradiction and absurdity. He’s been deceiving millions of people for literally decades, telling supporters that it’s ok for a husband to divorce a wife with Alzheimer’s, that Christians who believe in creationism are stupid, blaming wives for their husbands cheating on them, and a host of other nonsensical things.

Pulling out a plastic gun and a taser during his program, Robertson had co-host Terry Meeuwsen feel the difference between the two as he explained that there’s no comparison and he can’t believe the officer would make such a mistake.

There’s just no comparison between a taser and a gun. Now how she (Officer Kim Porter) made the difference when she shot that poor guy to death, (was saying) ‘this is what I thought…was my taser.’

And if you can’t tell the difference in the feel of those things, it’s crazy. You know, I am pro-police folks. I think we need the police. We need their service, and they do a good job, but if they don’t stop this onslaught, they cannot do this.

Robertson then turns to Chauvin and the unrest in Minneapolis, using a colloquialism that refers to a person either killed in prison, or more charitably, to spending so much time incarcerated that he perishes in prison, his body being interred on prison property.

Derek Chauvin, I mean, they oughta put him under the jail. He has caused so much trouble by kneeling on the [neck] of George Floyd…it’s just terrible what’s happening. And the police, why don’t they open their eyes to what the public relations are? We’ve got to stop this stuff.

Later on Robertson would opine, “We don’t have the finest in the police department…you cannot have a bunch of clowns running around who are underpaid and who really are not the best and brightest.”


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4 thoughts on “Televangelist Pat Robertson Hopes Derek Chauvin Dies in Prison

  1. Such a good and ‘godly’ man.

    He is one of the main reasons that people ridicule Christ, because they hear him and mistakenly believe that he is a Christian.

  2. Yikes! Pat’s turned into a pretend-Christian version of Joe Biden, only scarier looking…

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