Lesbian Hairdresser who Received Excommunication Letter From Church Makes International News

Acting as if they have no idea what Christians believe and have practiced for thousands of years, the story of a Georgia hairdresser who received an excommunication letter from her elders after divorcing her husband and starting to date a woman has gone viral and has made international news after she posted it to social media.

Congregant Krystal Cox had been attending the Woodstock Church of Christ for 5 years when she made a series of life choices, ending her marriage to her husband and starting to publicly date another woman. Upon hearing the news, the elders of the church sent her a letter requesting to meet with her, to which she never responded.

In light of your apparent lack of desire to hear our concerns, apparent lack of willingness to repent, and the public display of your homosexual lifestyle, we have no alternative but to withdraw our fellowship with you and must no longer treat you as a sister in Christ.

Cox was told that if they don’t hear from her by April 30, they will publicly announce her excommunication to the church and instruct fellow congregants to have nothing to do with her or interact with her except to encourage her to repentant and seek forgiveness.

In response to the letter, which she posted publicly on Instagram, she told CBS local news that she was surprised and upset by the letter.

Well when I opened it, I was kind of enraged. Like, why am I getting picked on and getting called out when everyone has sin? The fact that they’re going to point it out and release my personal business to the entire congregation of the church and tell them that I can no longer come there – I just don’t feel like that’s right.

I look at my relationship and how much love I have with her and think, how can people think this is so wrong?”

I just really don’t want anything bad to come out of this. Like I want it to be good. I don’t want people to be saying ugly things to them and sending them ugly stuff. I just don’t want that, that was not my intent,

In light of the story being picked up across the world and the barrage of negative feedback sent their way, the church has shuttered its Facebook page and closed down its website, refusing to give any comments to the media.

Cox states that she has no intention of responding to the letter or heading back to church, saying she loves her lesbian partner and wrote on social media, “I can’t wait for my denouncement ceremony.”

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6 thoughts on “Lesbian Hairdresser who Received Excommunication Letter From Church Makes International News

  1. Great point. At a minimum they should also be on Gab, Parler or MeWe, but I see the wisdom of being off of them altogether. It is so stupid how conservatives complain about Facebook and Twitter but don’t support other platforms on their websites.

  2. Isaiah 3:9 The show of their countenance does witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves. Say you to the righteous, that it shall be well with him; for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

  3. On the one hand it’s easy to be surprised that she didn’t already know Christian doctrine on this issue. It’s easy to think everyone knows this about Christianity because the Obergefell ruling got a lot of press. But on the other hand, I go to a Baptist church and I haven’t heard anything one way or the other about homosexuality in years from the pulpit. And whatever happened to hell? Is that still a thing? I haven’t heard anything about hell and who’s in it since maybe the 80’s.

    I once visited a Baptist church while traveling and the preacher preached his heart out on how much God loves us. At the end he asked rhetorically why he wasn’t seeing big smiles all around at this news. I thought to myself “has anyone under 40 ever heard anything else?” I started trying in earnest to remember the last time I heard anything about hell or any kind of punishment for sin. The last time I remember hearing it was back as a kid when we used to have “revival week” and some traveling evangelist would come around and scare us kids with threats of hell and then would stand around saying if you died on the way home tonight don’t you want your mama and daddy to know you went to heaven, all with the choir singing 28 verses of Just As I Am, etc. Ah, good times! 😆. I don’t recall hearing about hell or punishment anytime since, but maybe I’ve forgotten once or twice.

  4. The church is doing what God’s word instructs them to do. Call those out who refuse to repent and have nothing to do with them. That is the most loving thing for the people in that church. Sin that a person is blatantly doing, can ruin a church. She isn’t saved anyway.

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