Op-Ed: It is NOT HARD Being a Pastor Now

Don’t let your preacher tell you how hard it is to be a leader right now, in terms of navigating current regulations, lockdowns, or mandates while yet remaining faithful to the Lord.

It is not difficult. It is not complicated. It is not nuanced.

The lines have never been clearer. The path has never been so obvious. The case has never been this cut-and-dry.

Caesar is not head of the church. Take your stupid masks off. Remove the social distancing signs. Send a note to the health board telling them to pound sand, and continue with the Lord’s work as usual.

The issue is only “complicated” when you desire to equally please both God and tyrant.

In twenty-one years a pastor, I have never had such clarity in regards to the mission and direction of the church. Obey Jesus. Ignore tyrants. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s not that complicated.

Jordan Hall
Pastor and Publisher

3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: It is NOT HARD Being a Pastor Now

  1. Yes! My mom and I moved to North Carolina last summer. We started looking for a new church. We went to one, one Sunday, and unbeknownst to us, they were just opening back up (this was last fall) and people had to make an RSVP, in order to come to church. Everyone had a mask on, except us lol. They were making people sign a piece of paper, my mom did, because she didn’t know what it was at first, but I refused. We left and we back to the original church we found, which doesn’t require a mask nor social distancing and there haven’t been any cases of Covid. It’s a pretty large church too. It’s been so nice to have a sense of normalcy and to see people’s faces and facial expressions!

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