Breaking! Police and Security Put up Chain-link Fence Around Gracelife Church

In a completely unprecedented move, police and security arrived on site in the middle of the night and put up a chain and wire fence around Gracelife Church in Edmonton, Alberta, home of previously imprisoned Pastor James Coates, in order to keep them out and prevent them from gathering for further services until they comply with shutdown restrictions.

Earlier this morning, Alberta Health Services issued a statement announcing it has “physically closed GraceLife Church and has prevented access to the building until GLC can demonstrate the ability to comply with Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s restrictions.”

Erin Coates, wife of James Coates revealed on her Instagram,

This is what happens when you have freedom of religion in a free and democratic society: they jail your pastor for freely opening the doors of the church and serving Christ’s sheep and hurting people.

Now they’ve chained the doors of GraceLife Church enclosing in chain link fence. This is all under guise of a health order. Too bad the Church isn’t a building, it’s a blood bought people – Christ has and will prevail.

We have an enemy and that enemy has been defeated by the death and resurrection of Christ. For all those who find satisfaction in this – you cannot stop the gospel. The name of Jesus Christ will go forth with even more power and conviction. The Word of God will sound out across this nation accomplishing all the work God has ordained to glorify Himself.

I pray for all the pastors and Christians that still think this is about a virus and health order. Clearly our Charter and criminal code mean nothing as long as the government can come up with a good enough story to disregard it. God have mercy on our nation. I pray for their souls. They are clearly under Your judgment.

This is a developing story

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29 thoughts on “Breaking! Police and Security Put up Chain-link Fence Around Gracelife Church

      1. And you’ll probably be glad when faithful Christians are reviled, persecuted, and falsely accused of all manner of evil for Christ’s sake.

        Not everybody loves the approval of people rather than the approval of God.

      2. What next, who is next And where next can they do this at. ???
        Should we be concerned or just lay back and hope it all is just bad dream so we just stay indifferent and silent which all goes to benefit and full assists those who want our rights freedom and equal opportunity taken away from us and THE GOSPEL TRUTH TOTALLY ERADICATED FROM OUR SOCIETY WHICH MADE IS WHOCWE ARE BUT AS WE WERE WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE TO THE MARXISTS ELEMENT OF OUR GOVERNMENTAL BODIES WHO ARE CHARGED WITH OUR TOTAL SUPPRESSION AND THWARTING OF OUR INFLUENCE & EXISTENCE WITHIN THEIR “LONG TERM PLANS“ and the shot term NEW RESET FUTURE OF THE GLOBAL SOCIETY.

        1. BRAVO VLAD!!!
          The not-so-prime minister is a bona fide
          Communist ( like BOTH of his fathers )
          and a satanic marionette to the likes of soros, clinton, obama and of course…the rothschilds!!! They are HELL BENT on destroying us…we have to fight this EVIL…the good news is that God is with us and HE will ALWAYS PREVAIL!!!

      3. I am most concerned about your post. The rules you seem satisfied with that people and churches should follow are illegal. A little legal research would show you that. As to the Covid Measures themselves, they are farcical. No government anywhere has provided a tiny piece of valid scientific evidence to support the need for the Covid Measures or the efficacy of same. In contrast the vast majority of science tells us that the PCR tests are a fraud (in fact the Nobel winning scientist who developed it, Dr. Mullins, has said it is useless for detecting viruses). The tests are triggered by any one of 73 human genomes. They prove that we are human. Cans of coca cola test positive. It is a fraud designed to perpetuate the lockdowns to force acceptance of the great reset. Deaths are no longer being reported because there are virtually no “Covid deaths”. One group of reputable scientists tested 1500 so called Covid deaths and found that 100% of them were either Influenza A or B. The vaccines were developed before Covid was “released”. It was developed in the US by Dr. Ralph Bric. He and Fauci arranged transfer to Wuhan to blind their illegal activities. Bric was testing the two mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer in 2018 and 2019. In December 2019 Brick (and Fauci) entered into a deal with Moderna and Pfizer to transfer their technology and results to them in exchange for a share of the profits. Fauci knew in 2005 that HCQ was both safe and effective in treating coronaviruses. It was Fauci’s job to show that HCQ was dangerous and not effective. This was to push the vaccines. This information is now starting to go public.
        The scary thing is how people like you, who know nothing at all, are willing to promote falsehoods against innocent people. Shame on you, Nazi.

      4. Clearly you are not paying attention to what churches have been doing! Many, MANY churches are opened, (like the one I attend), because they see the SHAM URGENCY of this PLAN-DEMIC! Do a simple search my friend. You would be very disappointed!

      5. Can’t you see the oppressive control in this action? The “rules” are just an excuse not the true reason. All taxpayers end up paying for this including you.

      1. Indeed, as the Canadian sheople bow down and bleat to their government overlords (who now OWN them, BTW)

      2. Sorry to say, the USsa has long been under communist oppression, experiencing brief periods of relief.( Reagan; Trump) But all nation denying God are doomed& WILL FACE JUDGEMENT! Repent & trust JESUS CHRIST, it’s the ONLY HOPE!

  1. If that community had any idea of what this portends, they would turn out en masse and tear down that commie fence.

    Tear the fence down! What they are doing is a violation of freedoms and rights!
    TEAR IT DOWN!! This is pathetic!!

  3. Bolt cutters anybody?
    This calls for a midnight meeting of Christians from all churches to come and promptly shift the fence to the nearest tip, and remove the locks from doors. Or re-erect the fence around the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s restrictions home! (That last bit was just a cheeky thought).

    1. Better still, a mid-day meeting. A huge one, not called by Grace Life or Pastor Coates, but by all churches. Let the form a cordon so big ad solid that police and “security” can’t get anywhere near. Its desperate criminals and cowardly government that sneak in at midnight.

  4. If you really want to know why all of this is happening, you NEED to watch the video posted by Dr. Carrie Madej, who attended a invite-only secret meeting in the Atlanta area in 2014 by big business and high-end techie’s…The plan was to get nano-technology into people, and, in conjunction with the deceitful ‘health’ app on smart phones to enable put thoughts/memories into people to achieve their (and for those who know the bible: the Anti-Christ’s) agenda…a ‘Reset’ for mankind….I really wish I was kidding on this…PLEASE, check out video’s by Dr. Madej and Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny….You may need the search app Duckduckgo to get the links as Big Brother has already bee removing the video’s.

    1. Bingo. …….. SOON, Canadian sheople, the fencing will go up around ‘you’. …….. Just sit quiet and watch it happen. ….. First, trial runs on the ‘churches’ (as most Canadians have never been in one), then they will come for the rest. …… If they don’t come for you, it just means they ALREADY have you. LOL

  5. If you look closely you will see that the RCMP have backup from CCP soldiers. ….. They should be ashamed.

  6. Our church remained open, we even called our health department as well as spoke with all our sheriffs and told them out intention. They never once harrased us, but if they did, we had plans ready on how we would keep the services going even if they arrested us or barricaded the property. Thank God for strong Churches who’s Lord is God and not Gov.

  7. ….forgot to mention that the vaccine’s for Covid contain the nano-technology mentioned, using various names such as nano-lipids, isogel, among a few….In 2014, they didn’t have the substrate needed to get/keep the nano-garbage in people, but now they do!

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