Breaking! Protesters At Gracelife Church Tear Down Fence

Update #2. Supporters of Gracelife Church have formed a barrier around the fence to prevent anyone else from tearing it down, wanting to do things peacefully in a way that heaps burning coals on the foreheads of the government and police.

Update #1. That de-escalated very quickly. Some pro-church attendees chased off those who tore the fence down and put it back up, helping police to re-assemble it.

While Gracelife Church had their morning service at an undisclosed location, only revealed to congregants late last night, a handful of the nearly 400 protesters who came to show their support took the occasion to tear down part of the fence surrounding the Church.

Tbe building site has drawn hundreds of visitors, including politicians and pro-freedom celebrities, along with a raft of unaffiliated folk. Crowds came on caravans all across the province from all differing political stripe and temperament. From the people walking up and down the road with a large cross, to those prompted by talk show host Alex Jones who put out the call yesterday and encouraged people to come. Some are peaceful. Some are riffraff out to raise a ruckus.

As a result, at one point protestors started tearing down the fence and trampling it underfoot.

Only a few sections fell, however as dozens of police arrived to reinforce the fences and provide support, while police helicopters fly overhead. Sources on the ground cite between 75-100 officers in total.

This is a developing story.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking! Protesters At Gracelife Church Tear Down Fence

  1. They wouldn’t dare pull this stunt at a mosque, would they? What does that tell us? I wonder if that fence would stay up if the church was converted to an abortion clinic or strip club. I think we know the answer.

  2. Imagine calling yourself a Christian and taking sides with a tyrannical antiChrist government to prevent actual Christians from tearing down an illegal fence.

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