Priest Snitches on Pregnant Woman for Not Wearing Mask, Escorted Out of Communion Service by Cops

In a cowardly act of incredible stupidity and effeminate eunuchry, a parish priest called the police on a pregnant congregant for attending a church service and taking communion without a mask, having officers haul her away and trespassing her from church property.

The incident took place at Holy Trinity Church in Dallas, Texas, where Deirdre Hairston was attending mass with her one-year-old child. After getting up to receive communion and with the eucharist still on her tongue, three police officers greeted her at her pew and informed her that she needed to leave. They grabbed her arm, yanked her up, and informed her, “The church does not want you here.”

The usher would later prance around insisting that the police “Write her up. Write her up,” while another usher sought out her car to record her license plate number. Brought outside, the officer threatened to handcuff her then wrote her a ticket.

“Am I getting arrested?” Hairston asks.

“No, not right now. But if you don’t listen you will be,” replies the officer, who also informed her that she was being removed for “Trespassing on a business.”

Two weeks after the incident, the Diocese of Dallas released a statement defending her removal and doubling down on their disturbing course of action.

Hairston says she is dismayed by the actions of the church and that what they are saying simply isn’t true. She says masks were not required by the Bishop – only encouraged, and wonders why wouldn’t someone have simply approached her and asked her nicely about it, rather than calling the police and kicking her out by force.

[Editor’s note: Maybe it’s because you’re not going to a real church and there are no actual servants of God there?]


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5 thoughts on “Priest Snitches on Pregnant Woman for Not Wearing Mask, Escorted Out of Communion Service by Cops

  1. I watched the whole interview with this woman and I’m not sure everything in her story can pass the smell test. I’m taking some of this story with a grain of salt.

  2. That’s right — Roman Catholic is the biggest religion business organization! Their communion is leavened wafer, and they sacrifice the Christ over and over again at every Mass when the real Christ sacrificed Himself only once for all for eternity. It is a good chance for you to walk out of Catholicism and find true Jesus Christ.

  3. Sounds like the priest Judas, who betrayed Christ with the Roman police during Holy Week.
    This is no priest and the church community, also sharing in excitement to punish a Christian?
    This is Not My Catholic Church – this is a church of intolerance. The shameful Priest(s) needs to retire and the ushers(s) needs to go to confession and repent & change their hearts of betrayal & hatred of another Catholic family.

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