Bethel Church Promo Shows Bill Johnson Thinks People are Stupid

A recent Facebook advertisement put up by Bill Johnson and the ragtag gang of con-men at Bethel Church for their School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) shows that the leadership in Redding must think anyone watching is a complete idiot, given how much they lie about their abilities and engage in revisionist history.

The ad in question is an invitation to join BSSM, where an unnamed woman says their job is “living out everything we see in the bible and bringing heaven to earth.”

We get to do all the things we see Jesus talk about in the Bible, like his disciples we get to step out and become people we never realized we could be…

We’ve seen so many fun testimonies over the years. My favorite is seeing legs grow out when people have a shorter leg than the other, or cancer, or people just getting healed.

People just getting delivered from trauma. People stepping into peace and anxiety leaving them. Headaches gone. Shoulders healed. Knees healed. The list goes on and on.

First off, leg-lengthening is not a thing. It is an easily debunked and frequently replicated parlor trick, demonstrated in the below video. That she points to this as a miracle is embarrassing.

But more importantly, one thing we noticed is conveniently absent from that litany of miracles from a school designed to help Christians “do all the things we see Jesus talk about in the Bible” and “live out everything we see in the bible” is any reference to COVID-19.

Why? Because Bill Johnson wants you to forget that the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry was shut down for much of last year, along with their church services and their healing houses because of that very virus. The school and church where they teach you to do miracles was shut down for months at a time because…they could not do any miracles.

In fact, they shut down the BSSM several times last year, and not just once, but canceling classes or having instruction through zoom.

Furthermore, in October, Bethel and their school had so many cases linked back to outbreaks at the school and church – none of which were healed by all those gifted apostles and faith-healers who operate from the 10,000 member megachurch – that it caused their county of over 175,000 people to go into lockdown mode. This was a direct result of how many COVID-19 cases were arising, prompting the Chief Executive Officer for the Shasta Community Health Center to call out Bill and Beni Johnson by name.

Bethel Church and its supernatural affiliates did nothing about COVID-19 other than cower from it and hide from it, paralyzed with fear.

Now they want to put forward their supernatural healing creds in order to bring back business? After all that?

That sounds like just something they would do.

2 thoughts on “Bethel Church Promo Shows Bill Johnson Thinks People are Stupid

  1. Bethel is crazy, but shasta county went into lockdown BC of tyranny. Sorry. Bethel didn’t cause that, tyrannical government did. Again, bethel is nuts, I’ve been there, but there’s no need to not speak the real truth. Government will use lame excuses, and that was just a convenient one.

  2. The lockdowns cannot be blamed on Bethel. Wrong focus. There is no doubt that Bethel is a heretical flim-flam of a church, but to have any credibility you have to stick to facts, not attempt sensationalism in the same vein as Bethel does. I will also ad that “Staff Writer” does nothing to aid your credibility either, or your accountability. Every single article posted should have the actual name of the author. Protestia is really jumping the shark.

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